Huawei Launches NetEngine AR Series Routers Ideal for Building High-Performance WANs


[Shanghai, China, September 16, 2019] Recently, Huawei launched the next-generation high-performance NetEngine AR series routers. Boasting excellent performance, ultimate experience, and simplified O&M, these routers have already passed the stringent tests performed by China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL), an authoritative third-party testing organization. The routers will deliver a brand-new WAN interconnection experience and accelerate SD-WAN commercial deployments in the cloud era.

In recent years, with the rapid development of cloud-based enterprise services, applications and WAN traffic of enterprise branches have experienced explosive growth. Consequently, enterprise branches are faced by the following challenges in interconnection:

  • Traditional enterprise CPEs, designed for forwarding only Layer 2 and Layer 3 packets, cannot effectively meet requirements of L4-L7 services in the SD-WAN era.
  • Enterprises' services such as video conferencing, ERP, and CRM are sensitive to packet loss, and service experience cannot be guaranteed.
  • Deployment and O&M are performed manually, increasing complexity and therefore errors.

To address these challenges, Huawei launches the NetEngine AR series routers designed for the SD-WAN era. NetEngine AR series routers stand out with compelling features, including:

  • All-new chipset architecture and excellent performance: 3 times higher performance than the industry average

Leveraging the unique Solar AX architecture, Huawei NetEngine AR series routers innovatively introduce Huawei-developed CPUs and NP chipsets to the branch interconnection field. They are embedded with hardware acceleration engines and ultra-fast forwarding algorithms, offering three times higher L2-L7 service processing capability than the industry average, more than meeting enterprise customers' requirements for high bandwidth.

  • Application optimization and ultimate experience: guaranteed experience of key applications

Huawei NetEngine AR series routers provide application-based intelligent traffic steering to ensure that key applications are automatically switched to the optimal link based on their SLA, priority, and available bandwidth. In addition, these routers use the innovative adaptive forward error correction (A-FEC) algorithm to eliminate frame freezing and artifacts for video services at 20% packet loss rate. Intelligent traffic steering and A-FEC provide reliable network transmission for key applications, enabling enterprise customers to enjoy high-quality application interaction experience.

  • Intent-driven and plug-and-play: application-centric configuration wizard

Huawei NetEngine AR series routers provide multiple ZTP modes, making devices plug-and-play. When used in combination with a unified control and management platform, an intent-driven configuration wizard is provided to implement full-process automation ranging from device deployment, network orchestration, and policy configuration. This shortens the service rollout time to minutes.

Branch interconnection in the SD-WAN era is more demanding in terms of device forwarding performance, application optimization, deployment, O&M, and reliability. These requirements are fully met by Huawei NetEngine AR series routers, with the routers passing stringent tests conducted by CTTL.

Gu Xiongfei, President of Huawei's Wide Area Network Domain, said: "Huawei NetEngine AR series routers help customers build high-quality WAN interconnection networks, accelerate digital transformation, and seize more market opportunities in the cloud era, making these routers ideal for enterprise branch interconnection in the SD-WAN era."

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