Huawei-PLN Reiterate Commitment to Stronger Synergy to Accelerate Digitalization with Milestones on Joint Innovation Center


[Jakarta, Indonesia, April 25, 2024] Huawei and PT PLN (Persero) have reaffirmed their commitment to speeding up the development and integration of new technologies, digital infrastructure and digital transformation to realize the vision of Industry 4.0 and Golden Indonesia 2045 through the milestones in the Joint Innovation Center (JIC) collaboration, which was jointly established in November last year, aims at supporting the energy transition steps in Indonesia.

Up to now, the feasibility of the Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) + One Fiber Multi-Services (1FMS) developed by the JIC has now been proven to address key business challenges such as improving power reliability, reducing line losses and connecting new energy sources and loads to the grid, as well as supporting Indonesia's broadband development.

Darmawan Prosodjo addresses a speech

Darmawan Prosodjo addresses a speech

PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo praised JIC’s progress and innovation in responding to the digitalization needs faced by PLN since its inauguration in November 2023. He regards this collaboration as a milestone in how the global community unites to fight the climate change crisis.

Darmawan elaborated that since its inception five months ago, the JIC has played a pivotal role in the advancement of numerous pilot initiatives. These include the implementation of IoT technology within the distribution network known as IDS, integrated with 1FMS. Looking ahead, the JIC plans to further enhance operations by introducing smart inspection methods for transmission networks, advancing digital network operations, and bolstering human resources proficient in the latest technologies.

Darmawan further revealed that JIC will also support the Accelerated Renewable Energy Development (ARED) scheme in accelerating the energy transition. Through ARED, PLN builds a reliable electricity system equipped with a smart grid to integrate generation, transmission, distribution and customer service systems.

“Through smart grid, we have the capability to synchronize the operation of energy storage systems, such as batteries, as base-load solutions to address the intermittency challenges posed by new renewable energy (EBT). This also allows the transmission of electricity from EBT sources situated in remote locations to the demand center,” Darmawan said.

David Sun addresses a speech

David Sun addresses a speech

Sharing the same confidence, David Sun, Vice President of Huawei, CEO of Electric Power Digitalization Business Unit, praised the milestones achieved by the JIC, which benefit the industry as electric power companies in various countries seek solutions to address the challenges of improving traditional power reliability, reducing line losses and easing the pressure brought by new energy and new loads.

“In the process of enabling PLN to move from single point digitalization to open, sustainable and systematic digitalization, the JIC plays a key role and has contributed to the success of the IDS and 1FMS POC,” said David Sun. He believes that with optical fibre as the company’s strategic asset, PLN will build IDS & 1FMS into an unprecedented world-class benchmark in the future.