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    5G in Underground Mine

    Enables Remote Control of Shearer.


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5G Network in Underground Mine Enables Remote Control of Shearer

Coal mine operations are complex and dangerous, especially mining, tunneling, and transport, which require a lot of people to work on site. The fully mechanized mining face is noisy and dusty, and the work environment is harsh. To reduce the number of onsite personnel and improve safety, remote controlled mining has become an industry consensus..

The ultra-high bandwidth of 5G networks and the reversed uplink-downlink timeslot configuration technology support wireless backhaul of HD videos with hundreds of channels in real time, with the uplink bandwidth up to over 1 Gbit/s. Huawei's 5G underground solution enabled Remote Control of Shearer Operation, it helps mining enterprises build a safer, more comfortable and high effcient workplace.

Gain the Edge

Simplified Network

Easy Deployment & Maintenance

Only 2 Base-stations cover the whole mining face, this solution helps simplify network greatly.

Safer & More Comfortable

Remote control mining reduces on-field workforces, improves the working environment of miners greatly, ensure the intrinsic safety of mines.

Automatic Service Provisioning

High Efficiency

Miners in Remote control center can view workface around shearers within a radius 20 meters, and make real-time operations, making mining more efficient.


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