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    HiSecEngine USG6500F-DL Series
    All-in-One Intelligent Security Gateway

    Redefining Branch Security with Simplicity


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HiSecEngine USG6500F-DL Series All-in-One Intelligent Security Gateway

HiSecEngine USG6500F-DL series all-in-one intelligent security gateways are new-generation desktop firewalls launched by Huawei for small enterprises, industry branches, and chain business organizations. The gateways integrate routing, switching, and security protection capabilities, and also support LTE and PoE to simplify networking, reducing CAPEX by 30%. With the built-in Adaptive Security Engine (ASE) and on-demand loading of software packages, including enhanced DDoS mitigation and cryptojacking prevention, security capabilities can be flexibly orchestrated and loaded on demand, leading branch security into the era of simplicity.

Simplified Network

Simplified deployment

Network and security capabilities in one device: Integrates network and security capabilities such as ransomware protection, LTE, and PoE, simplifying networking and reducing CAPEX by 30%

Threat Detection

Intelligent detection

Intelligent threat detection, detection rate >99%: Unique content detection engine (CDE), capable of detecting viruses with over 100 layers of compression and multi-layer hidden viruses; 20,000+ IPS signatures and 400+ anti-evasion methods, with default blocking rate >85%

Flexible Layout

Flexible orchestration

ASE & Security software packages: The ASE enables dynamic allocation of gateway resources. 10+ security software packages, such as enhanced DDoS mitigation and cryptojacking prevention can be loaded on demand, reducing CAPEX by 30%.


Model USG6510F-DL USG6510F-DPL USG6530F-DL USG6530F-DPL
Fixed Interface 4*GE SFP + 8*GE RJ45 + LTE 2*10GE SFP+ + 2*GE SFP + 8*GE RJ45 + LTE
Dimensions (W × D × H) mm 320 x 220 x 43.6
Form Factor/Height Desktop
Integrated protection Integrates firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, antivirus, bandwidth management, Anti-DDoS, URL filtering; provides a global configuration view; manages policies in a unified manner.
Application identification and control Identifies over 6000 applications and supports the access control granularity down to application functions; combines application identification with intrusion detection, antivirus, and data filtering, improving detection performance and accuracy.
Intrusion prevention and web protection Obtains the latest threat information in a timely manner for accurate detection and defense against vulnerability-based attacks. Supports coverage of tens of thousands of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE). Detects malicious traffic, such as vulnerability attack traffic, web attack traffic (such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks), botnets, remote control, and Trojan horses, and supports brute-force attack detection. Supports 5,000+ IPS signatures, and supports user-defined signatures. The default IPS blocking rate is up to 85%. Supports brute-force cracking detection based on user behaviors, and user-defined statistical periods.
Antivirus Supports intelligent, heuristic antivirus engine that can detect hundreds of millions of virus variants. And supports the detection of files compressed in 100 layers.
Intelligent uplink selection Supports service-specific PBR and intelligent uplink selection based on multiple load balancing algorithms (for example, based on bandwidth ratio and link health status) in multi-egress scenarios.
VPN encryption Supports multiple highly available VPN features, such as IPsec VPN, SSL VPN and GRE.