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    Intelligent Transmission Line
    Inspection Solution

    Optimizing the management, maintenance, and monitoring of power transmission lines.


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Intelligent Inspection

Transmission line is an important part of power system, and its running status is related to the safety of the whole power system.

However, in daily operation, some regions and countries frequently damage the tower foundation and steal assets, such as stealing tower materials, stealing conductors, and destroying towers by terrorists. Due to the lack of effective monitoring and prevention, huge economic losses are caused. At the same time, with the economic development of various regions, the scale of power grids in various countries is increasing, and the reliability of power grids is increasingly high. Intelligent inspection methods are required to change the traditional inefficient manual inspection mode to detect hidden dangers in time and avoid risks.

Based on the advantages of machine vision + AI, site energy, network communication, and server storage, Huawei's intelligent transmission line inspection solution works with industry-leading transmission line inspection system suppliers to build a smart clairvoyant for transmission line inspection. It can detect and alarm the thieves and saboteurs around the tower foundation in real time, and can also view the channel status of the transmission line in real time, which greatly protects the line safety. The platform and app are intelligently linked for lean service management, improving inspection efficiency.


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Remote status can be known

The machine vision device with 360° coverage can remotely view the line status, improving the inspection efficiency by 80 times and reducing manual on-site inspection and operation risks.

Digital Operations

Full-coverage self-networking

The OPGW+microwave/WiFi ad hoc network has no coverage holes, supports real-time HD video backhaul, implements information security control, and zero bandwidth rental fee.

Smart Operations

High-precision AI algorithm

Real-time judgment of human and vehicle intrusion information, and timely acquisition of tower foundation damage events; Supports algorithms for identifying four types of common channel risks, reducing unplanned power outages by 90%.

Multi-layer Ecosystem

Efficient service management platform

The mobile app work with intelligent inspection platform supporting task push and work order management, implementing efficient management and closed-loop management of inspection services.


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