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    Huawei Easy CloudFabric Solution Enables Atheer to Expand Connections and Build Intelligent Network Upgrades

Enterprises are undergoing digital transformation and therefore increasing their requirements for Internet service providers (ISPs). Due to traditional network infrastructures and non-SDN architectures, ISPs face many pain points, such as slow service rollout, difficult management, and difficult expansion, and look for new ways to support rapid enterprise service evolution and cloudification. Atheer, one of world-renowned ISPs, finds a different way with Huawei Easy CloudFabric Solution.

Atheer Overview

Positioned under the umbrella of the well-known name Jeraisy Group, Atheer is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The main product offered by Atheer is data and Internet services, which include narrowband and broadband Internet access services, dedicated Internet access services, IP VPN connectivity services, and licensed Internet service over wireless.

The company's service portfolio covers all consumer services levels, from small and medium business to both private and governmental sectors. The service portfolio also addresses all information and communication service needs of the local market in a comprehensive and innovative way.

Why Atheer Upgrades to SDN Solutions

As its services gather pace, Atheer gradually realizes that its networking structure is too outdated to catch up with its new services.

• Poor flexibility and agility: The popularity of the Internet may mean that traditional networking solutions will fail to meet today's computing needs, resulting in difficult capacity expansion and evolution after network construction. This will require increased flexibility and agility.

• Old devices: Devices on its live network come from different vendors and have been running for a long time. Their performance is insufficient to support service expansion.

• Outdated solution: Its entire network does not support SDN, making it difficult to manage and hardly adapt to the rapid rollout of new services.

• Limited space: The scale of the old equipment room is limited, and the reconstruction is difficult.

In early 2022, Jeraisy Group intends to upgrade Atheer's network infrastructure, providing a solid foundation for Atheer's growth and services. In addition, a new datacenter building will be constructed, and all the devices in the EOS datacenter will be upgraded with the most advanced technology on the market.

Why Atheer Chose Huawei Easy CloudFabric Solution

In 2022, Atheer attended Huawei KSA IP Club where they discussed Huawei's solutions and requested Huawei Easy CloudFabric solution, a lightweight SDN that features automation and intelligent O&M, and helps small and midsize data center networks to achieve fast cloud transformation. The solution implements E2E automation of planning, construction, maintenance, and optimization, and it stands out with follow characteristics:

• Fast rollout: It can intelligently recommend solutions based on 21 intents, improving deployment efficiency by threefolds.

• Accurate changes: This solution supports pre-event simulation and post-event verification, eliminating errors in configuration changes.

• Stable services: Easy CloudFabric supports three-level rollback, taking just 20 minutes for network-wide fast recovery. It can also compare network snapshots, achieving 4 times higher change efficiency. In addition, it can automatically detect 90% of potential risks and locate faults in minutes.

• Low cost: The CloudEngine series data center switch all-box solution helps customers build high-performance data center networks in limited space, improving bandwidth by 10 times.

• Easy management: The iMaster-NCE-based SDN solution greatly improves network management efficiency, reduces OPEX, and completes service deployment in minutes.

• Easy scalability: Huawei's Easy DCN solution supports a larger network scale than other vendors,and therefore can better support Atheer's network expansion.

In addition, Atheer has deployed Huawei CloudCampus solution to build high-quality and ultimate-experience campus network infrastructure through cloud management, all-wireless networking, intelligent O&M, visualized user experience, intelligent O&M, and minute-level fault locating.

Atheer believes that Huawei's CloudCampus & Easy CloudFabric solution will help Atheer improve efficiency, accelerate digital transformation, and provide high-quality data and Internet services for more small & medium sized enterprises and public utilities.