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  • Huawei Innovates Financial Services with EBS International

Following a decade of development, EBS International now provides a wide range of services to meet our customers’ evolving needs. As we expand into international capital markets, we will continue to innovate and develop new services that meet customer demands. This requires an advanced and reliable ICT infrastructure that will bridge our needs today with those of tomorrow. After a comprehensive evaluation, we chose Huawei’s Agile Network Solution to upgrade our network system. We believe this will help us speed up the delivery of innovative services and support our expansion into global markets.


EBS International, which is registered in Hong Kong and is a subsidiary of Everbright Securities Co., Ltd., currently serves customers in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The company provides comprehensive financial services including securities, corporate financing, assets management, quantitative trading, futures, foreign exchange, gold and insurance, as well as other services. To compete in international capital markets, EBS International needs to provide fast, reliable, and innovative financial services that meet global customer expectations.


New technologies like mobility, big data, and cloud computing are transforming the way financial products and services are delivered. Customers now expect seamless digital channels operating 24/7 to carry out their financial transactions. To meet these fast-evolving expectations, EBS International needed to construct a reliable, secure, and efficient ICT infrastructure that enabled the company to accelerate innovation and expand into new geographies.


Huawei has helped EBS International upgrade its data center and campus networks by deploying high-performance equipment, including CE12800 series data center core switches, USG6000 Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs), S5700 high-performance campus switches, Wide Local Area Network (WLAN) products, including AC6005 Access Controllers (ACs), AP4030 Access Points (APs), and other products. The new financial network has the following advantages:

  • High reliability: The CE12800 provides industrial-grade, ultra-high reliability — hot backup design for five hardware systems, redundancy design for three major buses (monitoring, management and data buses), and independent triple-plane design ensure long-term, stable operations of the data center network. In addition, the In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) technology guarantees no interruption to the financial services of EBS International.
  • High security: Virtual System (VS) technology implements security isolation for financial services. The USG6000 NGFW is able to identify more than 6,000 applications, the highest in the industry. It integrates multiple security functions including traditional firewalls, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), antivirus, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP), all which effectively help to secure EBS International’s financial services.
  • High efficiency: The non-blocking network architecture, featuring low latency and large capacity, ensures good user experiences during highly frequent transactions and network access. Huawei’s Agile Wi-Fi Solution supports a variety of authentication modes to help employees of EBS International connect to the network anywhere, anytime, improving their work efficiency.
  • Innovation and evolution to Software-Defined Networking (SDN): Leveraging Huawei’s Agile Network Solution, EBS International’s financial network can smoothly evolve into SDN, which will accelerate innovation and provisioning of future financial services.
  • Customer Benefits

    The newly reliable and secure network enables EBS International to enhance agility and promote innovations in its financial services, including securities, corporate financing, and futures trading. An independent three-plane design of CE switches ensures long-term, stable running of the Data Center Network (DCN). The In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) technology ensures EBS International has non-stop financial services. VS technology securely isolates financial services. The USG6000 Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) can identify more than 6,000 applications — the highest in the industry. It integrates various security functions such as traditional firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Anti-Virus (AV), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for secure EBS International financial services.

    The low-latency and large-capacity non-blocking network architecture ensures a positive user experience in high-frequency transactions and network access. The Agile Wi-Fi solution supports multiple authentication modes and improves work efficiency by helping EBS International employees access the network, anytime and anywhere.