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    Huawei CloudFabric Upgrades’s IXP Network

Background is the largest Internet eXchange Point (IXP) network provider in Latin America and among the top five IXP providers in the world. is a non-profit organization created to implement projects for the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee,, which is responsible for coordinating and integrating all Internet service initiatives in the country.

Challenges faced the usual IXP challenges, including surging traffic, rapidly changing member services, and heavy O&M workload.


Using the Huawei CloudFabric Solution, deployed Huawei’s industry-leading CloudEngine 12800 data center switches and OSN902 optical transmission devices to create a new IXP network. This high-speed IXP network is flexibly expandable and can adapt quickly to changing requirements.

The CloudFabric Solution provides high-density 25G, 40G, and 100G ports, giving IXP members high-speed network access on a large scale. The 80 x 200G high-capacity optical transmission platform enables to meet ever-increasing bandwidth demands. Bandwidth expansion is quick and simple, with upgrades that previously took days now reduced to a matter of minutes.

The solution includes virtualization technology that can support the operation of data centers with more than 16 million tenants. This capacity will enable to address the pace of member growth.

As the number of members grows and new services are needed, the IXP network can adapt quickly. The Huawei CloudFabric Solution provides default Service Level Agreement (SLA) templates for quick deployment of common Internet services. The solution is also compatible with a wide range of third-party ICT devices and management platforms, supporting smooth evolution for

Additionally, the solution helps ensure reliability of services. Innovative technologies such as Huawei’s SDN controller cluster and optical-layer ASON help achieve uninterrupted operation for a large number of users.

To meet’s need for simpler O&M and faster fault identification, the Huawei CloudFabric Solution allows for hierarchical and visualized O&M of the optical transport layer, IP layer, overlay layer, and service logic layer. The solution also gives highly detailed operational control. Huawei’s SDN-based real-time measurement technology allows different SLAs to be defined based on the requirements of members, tenants, and services.

Huawei’s optical transmission devices with plug-and-play modules can be easily installed in 19-inch racks in existing data center equipment rooms. This easy installation minimizes CAPEX, and the low-power capabilities of the equipment help minimize’s operating costs.


Huawei’s solution helps remove expansion limits for and enables fast service provisioning, minimizing both CAPEX and OPEX. As the largest IXP in Latin America,’s upgrade plays an indispensable role in speeding up Internet development in the region.

Milton Kaoru Kashiwakura, Director of the IXP project, observed, “As cloud computing develops quickly and more and more enterprises are accelerating their digital transformation, the bandwidth requirements of members increase. Fast service deployment is also at more of a premium. is in urgent need of an expandable, versatile, energy-efficient, and easy-to-operate IXP network that can continuously provide top-quality cross-DC cloud services to more than 1,000 members. Huawei’s CloudFabric Solution meets our needs.”