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    Huawei Solutions revolutionize teaching at the Piaget Institute

Huawei's solutions presented not only allowed high-performance remote teaching but also provided an innovative concept and experience in the Institute's classroom space

The Jean Piaget Higher School of Technology and Management, located in Almada, is part of the higher education establishments of the Piaget Institute, and is dedicated to the creation, transmission and dissemination of culture and knowledge related to the professional practice in the fields of technologies and management. It is directed towards applied research, favoring the development of skills such as innovation and critical analysis, privileging the know-how and the acquisition of practical and specific skills.

With the objective of promoting a global experience in the formative offer aligned with the job market in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), promoting the development of talents in the area of ICT and bringing academic content closer to the needs of companies, it was a pioneer in the creation of a technological and digital campus – the Smart Campus.

The emergence and evolution of the pandemic also led to an effective need to make teaching more technological and, above all, remote.

Huawei was the technological partner chosen by the Piaget Institute for the implementation of a knowledge and innovation program at the Higher School of Technology and Management of Almada. The solutions presented not only allowed high-performance remote teaching but also put the Institute at the forefront of innovation in smart digital education.

IdeaHub provided a new concept and experience in the Institute's classroom space by combining functions such as whiteboard, wireless projection and video conferencing, while being used as a projector, interactive whiteboard, computer and screen for holding conferences.

In the in person context, the low writing latency of the whiteboard, the wireless projection and the ability to share notes with students, promoted greater interactivity in the classroom environment. In the hybrid regime, the integration with other videoconferencing systems (Teams, Zoom), the 4K camera and precise microphones, combined with artificial intelligence features such as voice tracking and acoustic baffle, created an immersive classroom experience for those who participate remotely.

“Through free access to the Office package and the use of computers on Campus, students of the CteSP, DLBE and SSDC course develop essential digital skills for their professional training and empowerment for the job market. In addition to the computer rooms, students have access to interactive digital tableware, in which it is possible to hold classes and meetings with the presence of people from anywhere in the world simultaneously, such as solving exercises, drawing in 2D graphics, modeling in 3D software, with pairs, with digital pens or directly by hand. In the classroom, it was possible to compose a game and test its graphics and development directly on the digital interactive tableware, with the whole class watching", says Ana Paula Pereira, Professor in the area of Digital Technologies in Education and Pedagogical Coordinator of Profissional School Jean Piaget in Almada.

IdeaHub provided a complete teaching platform designed for the before, during and after “classroom”. The Institute wanted to make e-learning training a possibility and the IdeaHub solution made it a reality.

This technological ecosystem, promoted by Huawei solutions, also boosted the transformation of the School's poles in terms of environmental and social responsibility, making them more sustainable, ecological, intelligent and energy efficient. Together, the Huawei Wi-Fi 6 solution made it possible to reinforce the coverage and speed of the internet in an environment with several users simultaneously, both in the buildings with several rooms and outside, ensuring an optimal experience for users. With the increase in the School's Wi-Fi performance, students and teachers now have the access they needed to the network, enhancing the effectiveness of their studies and classroom training, respectively.

“IdeaHub equipment has been essential in hybrid sessions; allows both those present and those who watch from a distance to have the same quality of participation in the session. It is a very significant asset”, comments Priscila Marconcin, Coordinator of the Masters in Exercise and Health at ISEIT in Almada.

The Higher School of Tecnology and Management, witnessed not only the revolution in the teaching method but also the optimization of resources.

“As a student at the Piaget Institute, I can say that our reality regarding the issue of internet use at the Institute, before the installation of Huawei on our campus, was something slow and difficult. With Huawei Smart Campus, we now have wider, faster and safer coverage. Huawei Smart Campus allowed us to create efficient computer rooms/labs. This restructuring also allowed the creation of projects by students and teachers, as well as the creation of an application so that students can have access to all their Piaget information”, explains Tânia, a student of the Degree in Informatic Engineering.

With the implementation of Smart Campus, students can become more competitive and qualified professionals, creating new opportunities in the job market, and the School differentiated in the area of higher education.

The experience and success of the project have already encouraged the expansion of the concept to the centers of Viseu, Vila Nova de Gaia and Silves.

Huawei is committed to continuous innovation, thus contributing to a process of digital transformation of the Piaget Institute Schools and all schools nationwide. Despite uncertain times and great challenges for ICT companies, Huawei guarantees the delivery of equipments and project execution in just two weeks! Discover the Fast Track Promotion here.