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The Next Station, a Sustainable and Digital Asia-Pacific


A Historic Leap in Indonesian Railways

As we approach October 2023, Indonesia has taken a transformative leap in its transportation sector with the inauguration of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail service, known as the WHOOSH. This marks a historic milestone as Indonesia embarks on its high-speed rail venture, which sharply reduces the bumpy 3.5-hour ride between Jakarta and Bandung to a mere 40 minutes.

In collaboration with China Railway Signal & Communication (CRSC) and China Telecom, Huawei has been instrumental in engineering a next-generation railway network. It ensures seamless real-time communication, precise train control, and efficient dispatching, providing robust technical support for the train's intelligent, secure, and highly efficient operation.

Urban Synergy: Binding Jakarta and Bandung

Indonesia has a distinctive geographical landscape, primarily spreading across five major islands. The island of Java, home to Jakarta and Bandung, represents only 7% of Indonesia's landmass but hosts over half of the nation's population. This population concentration on Java, coupled with its elongated geography, has resulted in congestion and inefficiencies in transportation.

Bandung, affectionately termed the “Paris of Java”, is an important leisure destination for Jakartans. The city's tourism industry is not just a source of pride; it is an economic powerhouse. Thanks to the 40-minute Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train service, travelers and commuters can comfortably attend a 9 AM meeting in Jakarta after an 8 AM departure and get back to Bandung for dinner after work.

The WHOOSH project aims to reframe Jakarta and Bandung not as two separate entities but as nodes that interconnect with each other and creates urban synergy.  A World Bank study on China's high-speed rail system indicates an average 10% boost in business productivity along such routes.

Digitizing the Backbone of National Progress

Railways are more than tracks and trains – they are national arteries. Modern railway demands high-performing communication networks and robust security, elements where Huawei’s pioneering optical and digital technologies come into play. Leveraging a suite of advanced technologies – from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, to FRMCS, MSN, Storage, and IoT – Huawei is revolutionizing the management, utilization, and transformation of transportation systems. These technological advancements are centered around the seamless integration of diverse modes of transport and their integration with broader societal aspects.

With a global footprint that includes 130 airports and airlines, 300 urban rail lines, and railway operations covering 150,000 kilometers, Huawei, together with the partners, has been translating tech innovation into industry transformation. In the Asia-Pacific region, for example, we are integrating a diverse range of advanced ICT products for major operators, including MTR in Hong Kong, LTA in Singapore, MOT in Malaysia, and SRT and MRTA in Thailand, etc.

A Pledge for the Digital Future: Beyond Tracks and Terminals

Indonesia’s WHOOSH is an important page in an exciting new chapter for not only Indonesia but for the entire Asia-Pacific region. With nations like Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and so on, also making strides in digital adoption, a reliable, modern rail system becomes imperative, especially with the region being home to 61% of the global population.

Several nations in the region are leveraging innovative ICT solutions to make their trains safer, greener, and more efficient. We believe Asia Pacific is in a good position to achieve this growth and attain a successful digital transformation.

The true significance of this endeavor lies not merely in its immediate impact but in the broader vision it serves — a vision of an interconnected, digital, and sustainable Asia-Pacific. In this transformative journey, Huawei doesn't merely participate; we take the lead, committing ourselves as a key contributor of this bold and promising future.