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    Intelligent Pipeline Optical Communication Solution

    Building an Intelligent Oil and Gas All-Optical Network with High Security, Reliability, and Visualization


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Intelligent Pipeline Optical Communication Solution

Usually located in harsh environments like remote mountainous areas, the Gobi, and other deserts, oil and gas production and transportation are faced with challenges such as security issues, difficult management, and inefficiency.Unattended BVSs, intelligent security supervision, and digital industry management can greatly reduce security risks and improve work efficiency.

Huawei's Intelligent Pipeline Optical Communication Solution achieves high security and reliability by using end-to-end (E2E) NHP. It supports smooth evolution from SDH to OSU, and uses OTN to provide ultra-high bandwidth. This solution also leverages OSU technology to enable hitless bandwidth adjustment from 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s and supports upgrading beyond this threshold, which helps build a future-oriented industry production network.

Gain the Edge

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High security and reliability

• High security: optical native hard pipes (NHPs, SDH/OSU), us-level deterministic latency
• High reliability: hitless SDH switching and ASON multi-path protection, ensuring zero interruption of services

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Ultra-high bandwidth

• Ultra-broadband: Optical NHPs support stepless rate adjustment from 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s and single-wavelength up to 400G/800G Gbit/s
• Converged: PCM/PDH/SDH/PKT/OTN/OSU, unified bearing of multiple services

Simplified Network

Intelligent O&M

• Intelligent: visualized O&M and one alarm for each fault, improving O&M efficiency by 70%
• Agile: one-click E2E service provisioning, one-hop service access to the cloud, minute-level service provisioning


• Backbone layer: uses 100G OTN networking to provide large-capacity service grooming; uses ASON technologies to improve network survivability.
• Aggregation layer: uses 10G/100G OTN networking to flexibly aggregate SDH and Ethernet services for oil wells, joint stations, and office areas.
• Access layer: uses industrial optical networks to access production services (such as SCADA, industrial TV, and dispatch phone) and IP+optical networks to access office services (such as video conferencing and office phone).