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    Single OptiX Solution for Enterprises

    F5G Builds Premium Networks to Empower Digital Transformation for Enterprises


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Single OptiX Solution for Enterprises

The Single OptiX solution provides enterprises with an all-optical bearer network — a wide area network (WAN) that connects enterprise branches and outlets to support the digital operations of the enterprises. Traditionally, enterprises lease carriers' private lines for network construction. As the enterprises deploy more branches and outlets, they demand higher bandwidth and service differentiation. Meanwhile, the rental cost of private lines increases and the network quality cannot be guaranteed when multiple users share carriers' network resources. Huawei's Single OptiX solution leverages the F5G technology to build an all-optical communication private network for enterprises. The private network is fully autonomous with ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, as well as high security and reliability, greatly improving service quality, meeting requirements in the next decade, and reducing the rental cost of private lines.

Gain the Edge

Ultra-Broadband Interconnection

High bandwidth

• Hitless bandwidth adjustment from 100 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s for a single channel
•48 Tbit/s per fiber, supporting smooth capacity expansion

Continuous Security

High reliability

• Multiple services transmitted through exclusive pipes over one optical fiber
• Multi-level protection, fast switching within 50 ms

Easy O&M

• Network-wide resource visualization and management, one-click E2E service provisioning
• Visualized O&M and one alarm for each fault, improving efficiency


Huawei's Single OptiX solution uses the F5G next-generation optical transmission technology OTN OSU to build an E2E all-optical network from the access layer to the aggregation layer and then to the core layer for enterprises. Enterprises can choose to build 10G or 100G networks to meet their current service development requirements and future plans, and select ring, star, or chain networking based on the distribution of branches and outlets. The iMaster NCE enables intelligent deployment and O&M, providing users with premium network experiences.

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