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Digitalization Becomes a 'New Normal'.
What Kind of Campus Network Will Your Enterprise Need?

Huawei CloudCampus 2.0 Offers...

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    Super Capacity: Unified Access with All-Gigabit Speeds

    CloudCampus 2.0 empowers campus networks with all-gigabit unified access, fully-wireless IoT, all-optical transport, and superfast move to cloud. This enables unified access for people, things, clouds, and data centers, and delivers intelligent ubiquitous gigabit-wireless experience.

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    Intelligent Experience: One Hop to Cloud and Beyond

    CloudCampus 2.0 detects user identities, identifies applications, and spots threats in real time, thereby creating an ideal campus network with consistent user policies, deterministic application experience, and secure IoT access.

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    Autonomous Driving: All-New Network O&M with AI

    By leveraging cloud management and AI, CloudCampus 2.0 helps build a cloud campus that delivers automated deployment, service provisioning, and application optimization across LAN and WAN.

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    CloudCampus N1 Model

    Controller, analyzer, and network device software are combined into scenario-based packages, simplifying transactions and protecting investment.


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