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    Data Protection Appliance

Data Protection Appliance

Huawei Data Protection Appliance is a data protection and management offering that integrates backup software, servers, and storage components. Based on the distributed architecture design, the performance and capacity increase linearly, allowing just a single system to protect, construct, and manage user data and applications. This improves user efficiency, specifically that of data management, while also reducing overall investment. While excelling in a variety of scenarios, the Huawei CDM data protection appliance is best suited for government, finance, carrier, health care, and manufacturing.

Superior Performance

Efficient Data Protection

High frequency: Supports real-time I/O monitoring and backup for apps with protection granularity of less than 1 second, delivering 300x better backup frequency than traditional backup.
High scalability: Supports distributed architecture design and linear expansion of both performance and capacity, meeting data protection requirements of growing services.

Converged Data Management

Optimal Data TCO

Reduced costs:Offers converged backup servers and storage for data protection, resulting in 43% lower costs, and 63% smaller cabinet footprint.
Reduced footprint: Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), development and testing, and analysis share data copies, reducing the quantity of data copies to be stored and resulting in 60% more efficient use of storage space.

Rapid Deployment

Flexible Data Usage

Flexible usage: DR data is used directly for development and testing, so the data preparation time for development and testing is reduced from days to hours.
Flexible recovery: Data copies are instantly used for quick recovery of mission-critical workloads, reducing service recovery time, and ensuring minute-level RTO.


Parameters DPA3210 DPA3610 DPA3230 DPA3630
Min. Nodes Required 1 1 3 3
Node Height 2U 4U 2U 4U
Number of Disks per Node 12 36 12 36
Disk Type 4/6/8/10 TB SATA
Network Port GE/10 GE
Software Support
Files systems: Windows, Linux, and UNIX
Databases and applications: MongoDB, GaussDB, Oracle, Oracle RAC, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, Hadoop, SAP HANA, SharePoint, Exchange, Sybase, PostgreSQL, TimesTen, Cassandra, GBase, Dameng database, Shentong database, Kingbase database
Virtualization: VMware, Hyper-V, FusionCompute, H3C CAS, XenServer, SANGFOR HCI
Cloud platforms: OpenStack, HUAWEI CLOUD Stack