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Huawei Unveiled the Smart Customs Network Solution to Accelerate Digital Transformation of the Customs Industry


[Shenzhen, China, April 1, 2021] At the Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021, Huawei unveiled the Smart Customs Network Solution for the global market. This solution builds a new foundation for smart customs services and features intelligent ultra-broadband, intelligent connection, and intelligent operations and maintenance (O&M), thereby digitally transforming customs services and making cross-border trade securer and easier.

Shen Rui, a senior expert of government solutions, Huawei's Enterprise Data Communication Domain, announces the global launch of the Smart Customs Network Solution

As businesses become increasingly global, cross-border e-commerce is on an upward curve. This, however, presents ever-increasing regulatory pressure on cross-border parcels and logistics. And in the post-pandemic era, customs agencies worldwide will make inspection and quarantine among their key tasks. As such, global customs agencies will take on an increasingly important role, and will be expected to strengthen trade safety and regulation while facilitating more convenient customs clearance for improved service levels.

In this customs sector, the growing changes to different scenarios, services, and data impose ever-higher requirements on networks. That's where Huawei's Smart Customs Network Solution comes in. The solution draws on cutting-edge technologies, such as Wi-Fi 6, Flexible Ethernet (FlexE)-based network slicing, intelligent lossless (iLossless) algorithm, and knowledge graph, thereby achieving wide coverage and full connectivity in all customs scenarios. This delivers low latency and zero packet loss for core services and shortens the mean time to repair (MTTR) from 4 hours to 10 minutes, greatly improving user experience.

The following are just four of the innovations that separate this solution from the competition:

• Ubiquitous connectivity: A 100G ultra-broadband backbone network is available everywhere for sea, land, and air ports as well as border sites. Mobile law enforcement is assisted with Wi-Fi 6 for higher efficiency.

• Multi-purpose network: FlexE-based network slicing technology offers secure isolation and private network-like experience for key services, such as logistics monitoring, customs duties, and videoconferencing.

• Comprehensive security: Customs has a large number of cross-border services and complex network egresses. As such, next-generation firewalls are deployed to effectively defend against external threats.

• Intelligent O&M: In-situ Flow Information Telemetry (iFIT) ensures efficient fault demarcation and locating, as well as controllable network-wide quality, improving O&M efficiency by 50%.

Currently, digital transformation is accelerating across industries, including the customs industry. Against this backdrop, Huawei will continue to innovate its customs solutions to help reshape the future of smart customs and facilitate its digital transformation, making cross-border trade securer and easier around the globe.

The Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021 was held from March 24 to 26. At this event, stakeholders discussed how to explore the power of resilience and innovation of the digital world from three dimensions: business, technology, and ecosystem. This event served as a platform to present thoughts on industrial digital transformation, business strategies, and talent ecosystem strategies that support digital transformation. On top of that, it also enabled related practices in government, transportation, finance, energy, and other sectors to be shared, and showcased Huawei's latest developments on connectivity, cloud, and AI.

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