Huawei launches Xinghe Intelligent Financial Network, Building New Connections for Smarter Finance


[Shenzhen, China, June 5, 2024] HiFS Frontier Forum 2024 was held today with the theme "Agility & Resilience, Leading Digital Infrastructure Innovation". At the forum, Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line delivered a keynote speech titled "Xinghe Intelligent Financial Network Building New Connections for Smarter Finance", and officially launched Huawei's Xinghe intelligent financial network solution and brand-new products. These offerings are ideal for comprehensively upgrading financial networks.

Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, delivering a keynote speech

Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, delivering a keynote speech

AI is profoundly changing how the entire banking industry operates. More than 85% of financial services have widely used AI products and technologies to deliver a more convenient and secure user experience. As financial services gather pace, networks need to meet more stringent requirements, urgently calling for AI technologies to enhance network resilience, security, and O&M capabilities.

Steven said, "In this intelligence era, AI not only accelerates the innovation of financial services, but also drives the upgrade and transformation of financial networks." Committed to powering networks with intelligence, Huawei launches the Xinghe Intelligent Financial Network Solution that uses AI to upgrade the resilience, experience, and security capabilities of financial networks. Covering a host of key sub-scenarios such as data centers, campuses, WANs, large network models, and network security, the solution is ideal for building new connections for smarter finance.

AI + Resilience:

1) Highly resilient multi-data center network, fully unleashing diversified computing power: The solution uses the network scale load balancing (NSLB) algorithm for intelligent optimization, improving link utilization to over 98% and enhancing AI training efficiency by 10%. The solution also stands out with ultra-stable reliability and intelligent simulation for enhancing network resilience and ensuring zero service interruption.

2) Service capability upgrade, building a flexible and efficient financial WAN: With AI-powered traffic analysis, the solution can quickly identify application exceptions and proactively analyze and optimize services to reduce the service complaint rate by 30%. In addition, the solution features 3:1 data redundancy elimination (DRE) compression ratio, helping to save tens of millions in rental fees each year and triple disaster recovery efficiency.

AI + Experience:

1) Experience-centric network construction, achieving intelligent experience assurance for campus networks: Smart antennas and intelligent coverage scheduling increase signal strength by 100% and the number of concurrent users by 50%. The industry's first audio and video assurance solution ensures smooth playing experience. And thanks to reserved dedicated lanes for VIP users, latency is reduced by 75% and experience loss is eliminated.

2) Large network model, enabling intent-driven management and O&M experience assurance: By introducing large model capabilities to the network, the network digital map displays the energy consumption of network devices in real time. Intelligent shutdown and hibernation ensure the network service quality and reduce energy consumption of devices. Also, an operations chatbot helps to minimize O&M difficulties and enable quicker decision-making.

AI + Security:

1) Intelligent Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), building cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated security protection: Built-in inference rules and security detection models are provided to automatically handle 99% of security events. AI-powered traffic analysis helps to accurately detect 99.95% of threats. And with parallel threat detection, 100% of ransomware can be detected.

Huawei also launched a series of new datacom products, such as Net Master — the industry's first network large model application — the industry's first network digital map, the industry's highest-density 400GE data center core switch, the exclusive GE–400GE data center switch featuring flexible cards, all-scenario Wi-Fi 7, multi-service converged router, and the next-generation intelligent Terabit firewall. All of these offerings help to continuously drive the intelligent development of the financial industry.