Huawei's Intelligent Railway All-Optical Connection Solution Debuts at the UIC High-Speed Rail Congress in Morocco


[Marrakech, Morocco, March 9, 2023] At the 11th UIC World Congress on High-Speed Rail in Morocco, Huawei showcased its solution to help the industry build a safer, more efficient, and smarter railway communication network, as well as enable digital transformation of the railway industry. Present at this congress were many executives from world-leading railway enterprises, representatives from international railway organizations, senior high-speed railway experts, researchers, and scholars. They discussed the development status of global high-speed railways, demonstrated the most advanced high-speed railway digital technologies, and sought a new vision for the high-speed railway industry.

The development of the global railway industry is at a critical juncture of digital transformation. In particular, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), green and low-carbon, and intelligence are new trends of industry development.

Gu Yunbo, President of Huawei's Enterprise Optical Domain, and Wan Xifeng, Chief Architect of Huawei's Enterprise Optical Domain, delivered speeches on the themes of "Optical-Visual Fusion Builds Railway Safety Base" and "Intelligent Railway All-Optical Integrated Bearer Network", respectively.

"Digital transformation is a trend throughout the railway industry," said Gu Yunbo when introducing the Huawei Optical-Vision Linkage Railway Perimeter Inspection Solution. "However, it is necessary to continue integrating new technologies with service scenarios. The Optical-Visual Linkage Solution for Perimeter Inspection combines vibration optical fiber technologies with video analysis to build multi-dimensional sensing and high-precision railway perimeter defense capabilities. This helps to solve the accuracy issue in railway perimeter defense and ensure the safer and more efficient operation of railways."

Gu Yunbo, President of Huawei's Enterprise Optical Domain, is delivering a keynote speech

Based on the ODSP and integrity domain feature-adversarial detection (IDF-AD) capabilities, Huawei Intelligent Railway Perimeter Inspection Solution accurately identifies threat events in all weathers, multiple scenarios, and from multiple dimensions, achieving zero false negatives, low false positives, and optical-visual linkage.

"With the acceleration of high-speed railways and the development of digitalization and intelligence, there are higher requirements for bandwidth, security, reliability, and latency," said Wan Xifeng in his speech. "The MS-OTN solution with Optical Service Unit (OSU),which is the evolution of SDH and inherited SDH features,supporting multi-service access, huge bandwidth, high security, high reliability, and easy E2E O&M. Above all, it supports FRMCS-oriented next-generation bearer network, ensures secure railway operation, and reduce investment in secondary network construction in railway industry. "

Wan Xifeng, Chief Architect of Huawei's Enterprise Optical Domain

Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to explore innovations and practices, fully utilize its ICT capabilities, and continuously build a digital infrastructure network foundation for the digital and intelligent rail transportation industry, helping steadily promote the digital transformation of smart railways.

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