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    Converged Bearer Network

    Supporting broadband, L0–3 enterprise private line, and 5G mobile services


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Low Latency, High-Reliability, and Ultra-High Bandwidth

The higher bandwidth and differentiated private line quality enterprises now require, given cloud-based transformation, pose great challenges to the bearer networks of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). While small- and medium-sized enterprises need reliable Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to connect headquarters with branches, Over The Top (OTT) enterprises are calling for higher bandwidth and more agile deployment, to facilitate quick rollout of Internet services. Elsewhere, government and financial customers require secure and reliable private lines.

Huawei provides an industry-leading converged bearer network solution for ISPs, which enables them to construct bearer networks — featuring low latency, high reliability, ultra-high bandwidth, and intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M) — to support broadband services, Level 0 (L0) to Level 3 (L3) enterprise private line services, and 5G mobile services.


0049 intelligent traffic scheduling


real-time user experience awareness and automatic optimization

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converged network and simplified O&M

Mass Storage

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extensive access and massive connections


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