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    Power Transmission and Transformation IP Network Solution


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Power Transmission and Transformation IP Network Solution

Traditional power production services are long-standing and new smart grid services are increasing. Service development requires networks to support multiple interface types, high network reliability, large bandwidth, simplified O&M, and high scalability. The power transmission and transformation IP communication network carries key applications such as traditional TDM services, intelligent scheduling, and enterprise informatization. Advanced technologies such as SDN, SRv6, FlexE, and PCM subcards are introduced to provide customers with a unified power bearer network featuring flexible bearer, deterministic SLA, and intelligent O&M.


easy to deploy

Flexible access

One-Hop access to the Cloud via SRv6, Fast Service Provisioning
Delay- and bandwidth-based intelligent traffic steering
Simplified solution using SRv6+EVPN

0049 intelligent traffic scheduling

Determined SLA

FlexE based network slicing provids hard service isolation
Slotted cross-connection, ensuring ultra-low latency
Multiple service beared in One network

Superior Performance

Intelligent O&M

NCE Enables Real-Time Service Quality Visualization
The i FIT enables minute-level network fault locating
Accurate prediction of resource faults


Power Transmission and Transformation Network Solution Architecture