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    267 fortune global 500 companies accelerate digital transformation together with Huawei


Although the world still faces major challenges, hope always remains. Nevertheless, if we are to persevere, we cannot work alone. We can only move forward by tackling the challenges we face together.

With this in mind, Huawei has built an ecosystem of partners, with the number of Fortune 500 companies involved growing consistently over five consecutive years.

In 2017, 197 Fortune Global 500 enterprises chose Huawei as their digital transformation partner, empowering them to improve their strength and resilience through digital technologies. When the 2021 Global 500 rankings were published, that number had grown to 267.

In July 2021, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) amended its Olympic motto — previously unchanged since its founding in 1894 — to include the word "together," indicating the IOC's belief that the world now needs to be more connected than ever before.

This is a sentiment that Huawei shares. It is only thanks to our relationships with partners that we have been able to overcome huge challenges and are now able to look toward a bright, prosperous future. We envision a world where, across industries, we will create new value — together.

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