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    UTT Powers up Abu Dhabi's Smart City Development with Huawei ICT infrastructure and smart devices

For several years now, Abu Dhabi has actively stated and promoted its ambition to become the world’s first ‘true’ smart city. This year, Abu Dhabi ranked No. 1 in the MENA region in a study produced by the McKinsey Global Institute named: 'Smart Cities: Digital Solutions for a More Livable Future' and led the Middle East region for the second consecutive year in a global ranking of smart cities – outpacing advanced urban hubs like Tokyo and Beijing – in the use of technology to improve the quality of life for residents.

Customer Background & Requirement

Ubiquitous Telecommunications Technology (UTT) — a highly professional provider of Smart Home Solutions, Smart Centralized Building Management Systems (BMSs), Smart Community Services and Smart Ubiquitous City Services to Real Estate investors and individual customers nationwide that is based in Abu Dhabi.

UTT commits itself to transforming its customers’ life into a Smart Lifestyle with its core values in creating a smart community and smart city services. The mission of UTT is to turn the dream of a Smart City into reality by offering customized Home Automation, SmartHome Solutions and Centralized City Control – resulting in saving its customers’ time and enhancing Real Estate Value and Attractiveness. While the company is involved in multiple Smart City projects in Abu Dhabi, the AI Reem Island project — spanning six towers and 1272 apartments — is one of the most ambitious.

The AI Reem Island project — The Brigdes, featuring a canal and a park within the residential community in Shams Abu Dhabi, has been divided into two phases with 3 towers for each phase and 6 towers for the whole project. Each phase required a security network access control system and a physically isolated CCTV network solution and storage solution. The main concerns of the customer include the scalability of the devices & bandwidth, high data availability, reliability and security.

Huawei Solution

OceanStor 2600 V3

• SAN/NAS converged storage system purpose-built for video scenarios.

• Active-active dual-controller architecture

• New-gen PCI-E 3.0 buses and 12 Gbit/s SAS 3.0

• With the innovative RAID2.0+ data protection technology

10Gb ready network with Huawei’s latest 6700 series of switches.

• 32 & 48 10G SFP+ scalable fiber ports

• Redundant Fans and Power supplies ensuring high resiliency

• 40Gb capable uplink ports

• Large clustering support for up to 9 devices in a single stack ensures scalability

• Terabit switching capacity for an end-to-end non-blocking architecture

Best practice network design with dedicated 5700 series server farm switches

• Dual stacked server farm switches dedicated for the server and storage infrastructure

• 10Gb uplinks ensures high bandwidth availability and no bottlenecks

• Gigabit switching capacity ensuring a non-blocking architecture

• Redundant Power supplies ensuring high resiliency

Best practice network design with redundant uplinks at the access using Huawei’s 2700 series of switches

• Non-Blocking architecture

• Dual Gigabit uplinks in an active/active state

• Full security suite of security protocols ensures authentication of attached devices

• Full multicast suite of protocols for multicast networks typical in security networks

Customer Value

Huawei’s best practice network & storage solution design has helped UTT to extremely increase its cost efficiency, O&M efficiency, and investment utilization efficiency, while at the same time guaranteed the data security & reliability, network stability & availability. The solutions are based on simple, no licensing model design, and the 10Gb capability at the core ensures scalability. All those features ensured a lower CAPEX for UTT and satisfied their budget strategy.

• Huawei OceanStor 2600 V3 for video provides extreme performance, this system is able to scale up to 396 disks on a single device, reduce the disk failure rate and deliver a 20-fold improvement in data reconstruction speed compared to traditional models.

• Huawei’s iStack clustering technology ensures a simple pay-as-you-grow model, increased the cost efficiency for the customers

• Simple management of devices increased the operation efficiency for the customer. Clustering Technology allows our customers to remove unnecessary complex protocols such as VRRP and STP. Each stack of switches is managed as a single switch.

• Full investment utilization. By using clustering technology allows all laid fiber connecting to the switches are utilize din an active/active fashion. This inherently doubles the bandwidth and ensures no single point of failure.

"We really appreciate the cooperation experience with HUAWEI each time. The team from HUAWEI are extremely professional and efficient. We are impressed by the performance of the solution. I believe there will be more opportunities for our two companies to cooperate in the coming future and make contribution together to Abu Dhabi's Smart City construction. " commented Adnan Sokolija, Manager of Smart City Infrastructure at UTT.