• Huawei CloudCampus Enables Cloud Transformation for the Jin Jiang Hotel


Jin Jiang Hotel covers 30,000 square meters of plush gardens and green leisure space, and offers more than 440 guest rooms. Located on the Maoming Road in downtown Shanghai, the luxury hotel has a long history dating back to 1929.

It belongs to the Jin Jiang International Hotels Group, which has more than 6,000 hotels around the world, with more than 650,000 rooms distributed throughout more than 60 countries. In 2018, the Group ranked No. 5 in the global hospitality industry and No. 1 in China.

Rapidly developing new ICT technologies — such as cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet — are driving drastic changes in all industries. Smart hotels are increasingly popular in the hospitality industry, as convenient social media access and rich multimedia applications deliver guests a better accommodation experience. Jin Jiang International Hotels Group also takes the initiative to promote the informatization and Online-to-Offline (O2O) transformation strategy to improve room-booking experiences.


In short, Jin Jiang International Hotels Group is developing into a benchmark for the global hospitality industry. The network pipeline — which carries upper-layer services and data — is growing, with an increasing number of nodes. The traditional deployment and management solution can no longer support the ever-growing network, due to the following disadvantages:

  • Low network deployment efficiency cannot meet the requirements for fast deployment of new or reconstructed store networks.
  • Local and professional O&M sometimes leads to low efficiency and high labor costs.
  • The network management system, policy control server, charging system, and data analysis platform are deployed independently, leading to difficulties in O&M and high costs in professional management.
  • Solution

    Jin Jiang Hotel chooses Huawei CloudCampus Solution to empower its cloud transformation, because the solution has the following advantages:

  • Plug-and-play allows for quick delivery.
  • Jin Jiang Hotel needs to operate normally during the network reconstruction. To satisfy this requirement, the network delivery team must deploy the Wi-Fi network as quickly as possible in order to reduce the impact on customers and daily business.

    Huawei CloudCampus Solution leverages Huawei’s public cloud platform, which allows a variety of operations such as WLAN planning and device configuration on the cloud. After APs and switches, and other networking devices are delivered to the hotel, a local construction team installs them according to the design drawings, and then powers them on. Once the engineers scan the barcodes of the devices, they automatically discover the cloud platform and download the appropriate configuration files. This plug-and-play network implementation greatly improves the deployment efficiency of the hotel network.

    Figure 1 Barcode scanning implements plug-and-play

  • Simplified management reduces OPEX.
  • Based on the advantages of the traditional network management and maintenance solution, Huawei CloudCampus Solution provides remote O&M and off-site fault-diagnosis capabilities by using the network cloudification function. These capabilities are all available on an App, which improves network O&M efficiency and reduces the OPEX.

    Huawei CloudCampus Solution reduces the O&M staffing of each hotel from 1-person day to 0.5-person day. The solution lowers the fault locating time from 0.5-person day to 0.1-person day. In addition to advanced O&M efficiency, the solution greatly improves the hotel’s overall customer experiences.

    Figure 2 O&M in an App

  • Centralized network O&M shortens troubleshooting time.
  • The network reconstruction of Jin Jiang Hotel upgrades the cloud management network and significantly improves work efficiency.

    Indoor and outdoor maps are visualized based on the Geographic Information System (GIS) and indoor layout, facilitating rapid location of network devices and status queries.

    The above example is just one of the many benefits of CloudCampus deployment. After the new network was activated, the Jin Jiang Hotel’s O&M efficiency improved significantly.


    The Huawei CloudCampus Solution leverages cloud technologies to deliver efficient and simplified O&M. This greatly improves the O&M and fault troubleshooting efficiency of Jin Jiang Hotel. The solution reduces customer complaints about network problems, and significantly enhances the overall customer experience.

    As a leader in the cloud industry, Huawei is actively innovating and developing cloud network management solutions for customers, enabling the digital transformation in every industry. Huawei’s CloudCampus Solution provides fast deployment, simplified management, and various advanced applications, helping customers develop core competitiveness for the cloud era.