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Huawei Hybrid Learning Solution

Modern education is evolving, pivoting further toward student-centric learning and Outcome-Based Education (OBE). And the principle that lies behind both is simple. Simply sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture is no longer a sufficient teaching strategy. The students of today require a new, personalized, and interactive learning experience, bridging the divide between online and offline scenarios: Online Merge Offline (OMO).

But what does this experience look like? It's one where students can obtain learning materials as needed, geared toward their individual journey. It's an approach that makes full use of the latest, digitalized technologies, promoting a creative, interactive learning environment that motivates students, even beyond the classroom.

The Huawei Hybrid Learning Solution takes full advantage of its proprietary smart board product — HUAWEI IdeaHub Board — that acts as a centralized hub to access interactive learning materials. The cloud-based solution also provides online and offline interactive classes, helping teachers completely transform their teaching approach. From creating digital, interactive courseware and giving multimedia live lectures, to comprehensively evaluating the quality of education, hybrid learning is the future of the classroom.



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