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Accelerate the digital classroom of the future

In a traditional classroom, you’ll find few digital resources. Here, projectors offer little brightness and poor definition, paper materials are difficult to display, and teachers struggle going back and forth between students and the blackboard. We bring you an all-new way to teach and learn. Huawei's digital classroom solution features the IdeaHub — an electronic blackboard, document scanner, and the ultimate learning resource for both teachers and students.


  • Simple & Green

    Forget projectors and cables. Anti-blue light, flicker reduction, and glare prevention technologies protect learners’ eyesight and comfort.

  • Write Just Like with Chalk

    Miss the chalk? Simply use our electronic blackboard and sync your content to the IdeaHub Board. Students can focus on the teacher and scan a code to save all the notes.

  • Convenient Demos

    Seamlessly switch to digital by using our document scanner to share your paper materials. Plus, record your micro-lectures with built-in cameras.


  • product ideahub board2 02

    HUAWEI IdeaHub Board 2

    Featuring a 4K soft light screen with smart features designed for collaboration and creation: a space where fresh thinking and new ideas can be brought to life.
  • product wifi6

    AirEngine Wi-Fi 6

    Incorporating Smart Antenna and algorithm technologies to slash latency for seamless Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and High Definition (HD) videoconferencing experiences.