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    Digital Hotel Network


  • Overview
  • Scenario and Challenge
  • Architecture
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Digital Hotel Network

The hotel industry is continuously improving the information level of hotel services, such as room inventory, room cleaning, passenger booking, front desk check-in, access control management, and check-out consumption. Digital means can be used to improve hotel management efficiency.

And travelers not only focus on accommodation, but also need hotels to provide services such as meals, fitness, entertainment, and Internet access. The quality of network access services directly determines customer satisfaction.

Scenario and Challenge

Security Virtualization

Network Experience

Delay and reliability cannot be caused by insufficient bandwidth

Network Scalability

Equipment room space is insufficient. As network devices increase, reconstruction is difficult and coslty.

Management Platform

Easy O&M Capabilities

Quickly locate network faults and restore network access services after receiving user assurance


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  • Example: A chain hotel that includes front desk, restaurant, guest rooms and other areas
  • Object:100 room,20 IP camera

Main Offering:

Catg. Model QTY
Firewall AR651 1
Core switch S6730-H24X6C 2
Access switch S5731-S24UN4X2Q 1
S5735-S24P4XE-V2 5
WLAN AP AirEngine 6761-21 10
AirEngine 5762-13W 100

Success Story