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    Datacenter Virtualization Solution (DCS)

    Build lightweight, virtualized data center infrastructure.

What Challenges Do Data Centers Face?

  • Low ROI

    Far too often, investment isn't maximized, leading to a low Return On Investment (ROI), while software and hardware resources are wasted and cannot be flexibly scheduled.

  • Slow Application Upgrade

    The lack of efficient virtualization and container resources makes it difficult to innovate applications agilely.

  • Low Reliability

    Open-source community virtualization lacks necessary ransomware protection, Disaster Recovery (DR) and backup capabilities, failing to meet service continuity requirements in extreme conditions.

  • Complicated O&M

    Servers, networks, and storage devices are operated and maintained independently, resulting in inefficient troubleshooting and the need for a large, expensive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team.

Why Huawei DCS?

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    E2E Full-Stack Solution

    The virtualization suite, which has been commercially used for 10 years, combines Huawei's leading ICT hardware to support both hyper-converged and customized software and hardware deployment, building a performant full-stack virtualization platform for enterprises.
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    Full-Lifecycle On-Demand Construction

    Hierarchical decoupling and modular architecture support two nodes minimum, with smooth capacity expansion capable of supporting large-scale applications. Building block-like components allow enterprises to construct data centers on demand and at anytime.
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    Comprehensive Compatibility

    The open Application Programming Interface (API) not only supports mainstream servers and heterogeneous resource pools, but also interconnects with cloud management platforms to provide consistent cloud services for enterprises.


  • Lightweight and Flexible

    Hyper convergence of hardware and software for instant use after unpacking.

    Supports a minimum of two nodes with flexible capacity expansion supporting large-scale applications.

    Add container, DR, backup, and unified management software on demand, reducing costs.

  • Agile and Efficient

    Hardware passthrough enables VMs to provide optimal performance close to physical devices. A Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) shortens the forwarding path on the network to yield six times faster forwarding speeds.

    Local, intra-city, remote, and on-cloud full-scenario DR, with a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of zero. On-demand backup of VM data combines Huawei backup storage to provide up to a 65:1 dedupe ratio, slashing backup costs.

    Virtualization and container dual stack deployment comprehensively improves traditional and agile services. Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) topology optimization improves VM performance by 30%.

  • Intelligent Management

    Four preset dashboards, including a data center overview, and more than 30 widgets available for customization.

    Multi-dimensional association and E2E topology analysis for problem demarcation within minutes.

    One-step provisioning for compute, storage, and network resources, significantly simplifying operations.

  • Diversified Ecosystem

    Interconnection with multiple cloud management platforms such as Huawei Cloud and FIT2CLOUD for one-step cloud migration.

    x86 architecture supports mainstream servers, while Arm architecture supports Huawei TaiShan servers and other servers using Huawei Kunpeng processors.

Related Products and Solutions

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    FusionCompute Virtualization Suite

    This suite virtualizes hardware resources and centrally manages virtual, service, and user resources to reduce Operating Expenditure (OPEX) and ensure system reliability.
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    eBackup Software

    Huawei's own backup software for cloud and virtual environments uses VM/disk snapshot, Changed Block Tracking (CBT), and snapshot comparison technologies to provide comprehensive protection for user virtualization, and public and private cloud data.
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    UltraVR DR Software

    This DR service management software for enterprise data centers allows users to configure DR services simply and efficiently, monitor DR services running on the system, and complete data recovery and tests quickly.
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    DME Data

    This intelligent O&M platform, developed by Huawei for data center virtualization, uses innovative technologies to help users operate, manage, and maintain software and hardware flexibly and efficiently.
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    FusionCube Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    Huawei FusionCube provides hyper-converged data infrastructure based on distributed architecture. It provides full-stack Information Technology (IT) capabilities ideal for virtualization, desktop cloud, databases, and more.
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    OceanStor All-Flash Storage Series

    The OceanStor Dorado series and OceanStor V5 series are designed for mission-critical services of enterprises. They provide diverse product options ideal for enterprise digital transformation.
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    TaiShan 200 Servers

    This series uses Huawei Kunpeng 920 processors, designed for big data, distributed storage, native applications, High-Performance Computing (HPC), and databases. TaiShan servers make computing in data centers greener and more diversified.
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    Data Center Storage Network Switch

    The switch is designed for diverse applications, including large scale, automatic, programmable, and real-time applications, as well as for scaling networks in data centers.