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Kunpeng Developer Kit

Huawei provides the Huawei Kunpeng Developer Kit, including Dependency Advisor, Porting Advisor, Tuning Kit, acceleration library, and compiler collection, to accelerate application software porting and computing power upgrade for developers.

Kit Overview

Kunpeng Dependency Advisor: Comprehensive Portability Evaluation
Kunpeng Dependency Advisor UI to analyze software packages and source code, and provide portability evaluation reports
A flow chart that illustrates the comprehensive portability evaluation processes of Huawei Kunpeng Dependency Advisor
Automatically scans and analyzes the installation package and source code files.
Provides porting guide for 80% of common dependency libraries.
Provides an overall report for application software porting.
Kunpeng Porting Advisor: Accurate, Comprehensive Porting Guide
Kunpeng Porting Advisor UI to analyze software source file and provide application porting guidance
A flow chart that illustrates the processes of Huawei Kunpeng Porting Advisor
Covers syntax, instructions, mechanism difference, and function replacement.
Solves 90% of C/C++ porting problems.
Solves 50% of assembly code porting problems.
Kunpeng Tuning Kit: Efficient, Intuitive Performance Tuning
A stylized graphic of two screens connected to devices and buildings and a list of Huawei Kunpeng Tuning Kits' tasks
A flow chart that illustrates the processes of the Huawei Kunpeng Tuning Kit
High-precision sampling (< 1 ms).
Top-down analysis from system to function.
Integrates other performance tools as add-ins.


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