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    Huawei OptiXaccess EA5801S-FL16

    Outdoor and Compact OLT


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Huawei OptiXaccess EA5801S-FL16

The Huawei OptiXaccess EA5801S-FL16 is a compact outdoor blade OLT. It provides 16 Flex-PON ports to support FTTH coverage in remote areas, evolution from cable networks to FTTH networks.

Large Buffers

High Density with 16 Flex-PON Ports

Provides 16 Flex-PON service ports, and can work with different optical modules to implement hybrid access of GPON, XGS-PON, and GPON Combo.

035 duowangjieru

Pre-connected Without Splicing

The end-to-end pre-connection makes devices plug-and-play and eliminates the need of fiber splicing.

Light and Compact

The device weighs no more than 15 kg and has a volume of only 12 L. A single person can install the device.


Specification Huawei OptiXaccess EA5801S-FL16
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 400 x 300 x 120
Weight  About 15kg
Power supply mode • DC power supply
• AC power supply 
Rated voltage • DC power supply: –48 V to –60 V
• AC power supply: 100 V–240 V
Maximum input current • DC power supply: 6 A
• AC power supply: 2.5 A
Protection rating  IP65
Surge protection level • AC power port: 20 kA in difference and common modes
• DC power port: 10 kA in differential mode and 20 kA in common mode
Operating temperature –40°C to +50°C (with solar radiation); minimum startup temperature: –25°C
Operating humidity  5% RH to 95% RH
Atmospheric pressure  70 kPa to 106 kPa
Altitude • Below 4000 m
• The air density varies with the altitude, which affects the heat dissipation
• capability of devices. Therefore, the operating temperature of the device
• changes with the altitude.
System switching capacity 460 Gbit/s
MAC addresses 32767
Access ONT 2048
IPv4 routing table 8192
IPv6 routing table 4096
ARP table 16384
10GE/GE upstream ports 4
Service ports 16 Flex-PON
Power consumption • Static Power Consumption:
  DC power supply: 64 W
  AC power supply: 65 W
• Typical Power Consumption:
  DC power supply: 115 W
  AC power supply: 120 W
• Maximum Power Consumption:
  DC power supply: 132 W
  AC power supply: 135 W
• The power consumption of the device is calculated based on the following conditions:
  Static power consumption: 25°C, no optical module in any optical port, and no service running.
  Typical power consumption: 25°C, 4 x 10GE upstream transmission, 16 x XGS COMBO ports, full service configuration, and full traffic.
  Maximum power consumption: 50°C, 4 x 10GE upstream transmission, 16 x XGS COMBO ports, full service configuration, and full traffic