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FusionDC1000B Prefabricated Modular Data Center (Small- and Medium-Sized)

The FusionDC1000B is a small- and medium-sized prefabricated modular solution. The data center solution consists of equipment modules, power modules, and auxiliary modules. The number of modules can be flexibly selected based on customer requirements to form a data center that meets customer requirements. All modules are prefabricated in the factory to minimize onsite workload and implement quick deployment.

In addition, the solution integrates AI technologies (iPower, iManager, and iCooling) to improve the reliability and availability of the data center and reduce system energy consumption.

By 2019, Huawei FusionDC1000 prefabricated modular data center solution ranked No. 1 in shipments for five consecutive years, serving thousands of industries around the world.

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    Huawei and Partners Build Smart Airport in Dubai

    Dubai International Airport’s new data center was designed for 100 service cabinets, with up to 10 kilowatts per rack in each. The adoption of Huawei’s FusionModule1000B prefabricated modular data-center solution saves half the time and construction costs of erecting traditional facilities.



Item Single data hall module-150 kW Dual data hall module-300 kW
Entire system parameters Dimensions(H*W*D) 3600mmX(2438mm/3495mm)X12192mm
Total power ≤150kW ≤300kW
Number of cabinets 26 (main aisle width ≤ 1.5 m)
28 (main aisle width ≤ 0.9 m)
52 (main aisle width ≤ 1.5 m)
56 (main aisle width ≤ 0.9 m)
Waterproof and dustproof IP55
Anti-seismic GR-63-CORE Zone3/9 intensity (The container)
Temperature range  –20°C to +55°C, –40°C to +45°C (If the temperature is lower than –20°C, thermal insulation at the bottom is required.)
Electrical parameters Power mode  380/400/415V 50/60Hz,three-phase, four-wire+PE
Surge protection level Class B,nominal: 30kA(8/20µs),maximum: 60kA(8/20µs)
Power System UPS5000E-200kVA (Full kit in 1+1 redundancy) UPS5000E-200kVA (Full kit in 1+1 redundancy)*2
Battery Backup Time Single-route 15 min at full load(SmartLi)
Cooling System NetCol8000-A055D(In room DX, 3+1 redundancy) NetCol8000-A055D(In room DX, 7+1 redundancy)
Continuous power supply to cooling devices 15 min at full load
Aisle containment Hot aisle containment
Fire extinguishing parameters Fire extinguishing system Automatic gas fire extinguishing, CE edition, non-addressable
Fire extinguishing gas HFC227-ea

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