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SecoManager Security Controller

SecoManager is a security controller developed by Huawei for various scenarios such as data centers and campuses. It can centrally manage security policies on the entire network, orchestrate security services, and quickly deploy security services.
SecoManager automatically generates and deploys security policies based on user service partitions and application service orchestration, deploying security services within minutes and effectively reducing security O&M costs. In addition, SecoManager can collaborate with SDN controllers and CIS to handle threats in minutes, greatly improving the threat defense capability of enterprise networks.



Specifications SecoManager Security Controller
Basic NE management
  • Device management
    Device discovery, device management, virtual system management, configuration consistency check, and device SSO

  • Resource pool management
    Resource pool adding, deletion, modification, and query

  • Object management
    Address, service, application, and network partition management

  • Policy management
    Security policy, VPC policy, security service, and task deployment
Policy collaboration
  • Big Data security collaboration
    Receiving threat handling requests from the Big Data security analysis system and sending them to threat blocking devices

  • Controller collaboration
    Network topology awareness and service chain-based traffic diversion policy delivery
Policy orchestration Automatic delivery of security policies based on network partitions, application mutual access relationships, security services, and VPCs
Policy tuning Policy tuning based on redundancy analysis results
Policy simulation Analysis of policy change impacts on application services based on simulation results before policy changes


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