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    TP G2 Series Immersive Telepresence Systems


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TP G2 Series Immersive Telepresence Systems

Huawei's TP G2 Series is a next generation telepresence system that integrates cutting-edge Huawei codecs and technologies, including image fusion technology, a proprietary panoramic camera, and three 65- or 70-inch screens. With six meeting participants visualized in a single row, and 14–18 meeting participants displayed over two rows, effective communication for business meetings is ensured.

Excellent User Experience

Premium Design

A compact, ergonomic design seamlessly integrates a camera, microphone, speaker, and panoramic screen to deliver optimal lighting, color, and sound, with easy-to-open front panels that simplify installation and maintenance. Diverse functions, from file sharing to presentations, are supported for both local and remote meetings.

Conference Panorama

True-to-Life Ultra-HD

Proprietary co-optical panoramic seamless imaging and image-splicing technologies provide 1:1 true-to-life images. The camera captures the best view of participants, in both standing and seated positions. Three 22-inch widescreen tabletop screens make sharing any individual participant's presentation in High Definition (HD) seamless.

High Integration

Superb Performance

Codecs for 3-channel 1080p60 and 1-channel 1080p60 videos provide clear, smooth images. Proprietary Video Motion Enhancement (VME) technology, along with H.264 HP and H.265 protocols, ensure videos are in 1080p, even when bandwidth drops to 2.4 Mbit/s. H.264, H.265, and Super Error Concealment (SEC) technologies provide an exceptional audiovisual experience even with a packet loss rate of 30%. Open networks are supported with IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols.



TP3206-65 G2

TP3206-70 G2


Panoramic camera (1/1.7-inch sensor)

Panoramic camera (1/1.7-inch sensor)

Main Screens

3 x 65-inch LED

3 x 70-inch LED

Data Collaboration Screen

3 x 22-inch LCD 

3 x 22-inch LCD


6-mic array

6-mic array

Control Panel

10-inch touch panel

10-inch touch panel

Video Resolution

1080p60 + 1080p60/4k15

1080p60 + 1080p60/4k15

Minimum Space Requirements

26.2 square meters (6.4 x 4.1 m)

26.2 square meters  (6.4 x 4.1 m)

Power Consumption (excluding the lighting and air conditioning systems)

< 1.58 kW

< 2.01 kW


Technical Support