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TP G2 Series Immersive Telepresence Systems

Huawei's TP G2 Series is a next generation telepresence system that integrates cutting-edge Huawei codecs and technologies, including image fusion technology, a proprietary panoramic camera, and three 65- or 70-inch screens. With six meeting participants visualized in a single row, and 14–18 meeting participants displayed over two rows, effective communication for business meetings is ensured.




TP3206-65 G2

TP3206-70 G2


Panoramic camera (1/1.7-inch sensor)

Panoramic camera (1/1.7-inch sensor)

Main Screens

3 x 65-inch LED

3 x 70-inch LED

Data Collaboration Screen

3 x 22-inch LCD 

3 x 22-inch LCD


6-mic array

6-mic array

Control Panel

10-inch touch panel

10-inch touch panel

Video Resolution

1080p60 + 1080p60/4k15

1080p60 + 1080p60/4k15

Minimum Space Requirements

26.2 square meters (6.4 x 4.1 m)

26.2 square meters  (6.4 x 4.1 m)

Power Consumption (excluding the lighting and air conditioning systems)

< 1.58 kW

< 2.01 kW


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