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    Intelligent Education for a Digital Future

    Building Digital Education Community, Accelerating High-Quality Education Development


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Intelligent Education for a Digital Future

Currently, a new round of technological and industrial revolution is booming, driving human society rapidly towards an era of digital economy. To stay ahead of the curve, the education industry must digitalize, and make information technology applications common in the classroom. Huawei believes that to realize smart education, we must first formulate a top-level strategy, follow it to develop solutions and finally use technologies to support solution execution. In this way, we can build a robust education ecosystem that can cultivate bright, innovation-oriented talent for the intelligent future.

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Special Report

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Building a Digital Education Community to Facilitate High-Quality Education Development

Education is the cornerstone for national strength and economic development, the lighthouse for talent and innovation, and the vessel for cultural exchange and inheritance. The latest round of technological revolution brings precious opportunity to the education industry. Digital resources are more essential than ever to improve teaching quality, efficiency, and experience.