• Huawei and Mexican Resort Group Build Smart Hotels


Located on the pristine sandy beaches of Cancun, Mexico, the resort is among the top in the region. Temptation Resort was designed by the world-famous designer Karim Rashid and aims to provide guests with unforgettable experiences.


Using advanced GPON/10G GPON technology, Huawei’s Agile POL Converged Hospitality Solution meets various application scenarios and supports various networking modes, such as fiber-to-the-room, fiber-to-the-camera, and wireless APs. The solution integrates a whole series of products, including core switches, centralized Access Controllers (ACs), firewalls, aggregation Optical Line Terminals (OLTs), Optical Distribution Networks (ODNs), Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) for households and enterprises, and wireless APs. The solution features large bandwidth, wide coverage, anti-electromagnetic interference, and corrosion resistance to become the preferred Local Area Network (LAN) solution in the hospitality industry.

One network for the entire resort and surrounding areas

  • Provides broadband, voice, video, Wi-Fi, and IPTV services.
  • Meets all access scenarios, including guest rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, the beach, security protection, and access control.
  • Simplified engineering saves on equipment room space

  • One-room-one-fiber simplifies construction. Traditional solutions required that multiple media, such as network cables, twisted pairs, and coaxial cables, be deployed simultaneously in each room, making capacity expansion complex.
  • Optical fibers support long-distance transmission of over 20 kilometers, far surpassing the 100-meter transmission distance limit of traditional network cables. Therefore, Huawei’s solution eliminates the need for an equipment room on each floor and uses less than a tenth the equipment room space of traditional solutions, so the saved space can be transformed into guest rooms to increase hotel revenue.
  • Green, safe, and futuristic

  • Green and energy saving: ODN passive devices replace traditional active devices, reducing power consumption by 60 percent, eliminating the need for air conditioning in equipment rooms, and reducing electricity costs.
  • High security and reliability: The solution uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to dynamically update keys to ensure data transmission security. Core switches and OLTs support dual-MPU/dual-power redundancy backup to prevent service interruption.
  • Simple expansion: The ODN network can be reused to smoothly upgrade to 10G GPON and next-generation PON networks.
  • Centralized management of all network devices, simplifying O&M

  • The solution provides intuitive and visualized management interfaces for both wired and wireless access, improving O&M efficiency and simplifying maintenance.
  • The devices can be used immediately after being powered on, accelerating service provisioning.
  • Benefits

    Guests can enjoy high-speed Internet access for watching videos or hanging out on social media in their room, the lobby, or at the beach. Thanks to the wide coverage from Huawei’s outdoor Access Points (APs), high-speed Wi-Fi is even available on yachts within 80 meters from shore. In addition, the resort regularly offers promotional activities and services to customers through mobile Apps and interactive TVs, affording access to important information in advance and allowing guests to reserve private customized services. The resort’s elegant environment, considerate staff, and ultimate customer experiences have earned wide praise and attract an increasing flow of satisfied patrons from all over the world.

    According to Original Group CEO Rodrigo De La Peña, younger customers comprise a growing share of resort guests, and they require constant high-speed Internet access from hotel rooms, resort restaurants and bars, as well as on the beach. Original Group paid significant attention to this detail during construction, and thanks to Huawei’s industry-leading Agile POL Converged Hospitality Solution, hotel occupancy is increasing 40 percent every year.

    Rodrigo De La Peña, Original Group President and CEO, shared his success story after implementing Huawei’s Agile POL Converged Hospitality Solution.

    Original Group CIO Daniel Pérez Espinosa said seaside resorts previously used metal network cables, which rusted and corroded in two to three years, required repeated network reconstruction, and affected resort operations and guest experiences. Nowadays, all-optical networks are built to last more than 30 years, and are made from non-metal optical fibers that can withstand salt and humidity, which eliminates the need for repeated network reconstruction and significantly reduces costs.

    After adopting the Huawei Agile POL Converged Hospitality Solution, the Temptation Resort became the first hotel in Cancun to offer guests all-interactive IPTV services. Customers can control the lighting, hotel appliances, and room curtains on smart terminals, bringing a fresh, high-tech experience. The resort boasts high customer satisfaction and no customer complaints. Currently, it seeks to bring more pleasant surprises and unique experiences to customers by using new technologies. Considering the sound operation of the Temptation Resort, the Original Hotel Group plans to use the Huawei Agile POL Converged Hospitality Solution in its other three resorts.

    In its Q3, 2017 global PON/NG PON market share report, renowned consultancy Ovum ranked Huawei ranked No. 1, comprising 42 percent and 62 percent of market share, respectively. As a top player in the optical access field, Huawei has consistently ranked top in the PON/NG GPON market for many years. Huawei’s Agile POL Converged Hospitality Solution has been successfully deployed to serve hotel customers in over 100 countries across five continents, and will continue to provide customers with more innovative and unforgettable experiences.