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Digitalizing Pipeline Infrastructure

Digitalizing pipeline infrastructure creates huge opportunities for the oil and gas industry. On the basis of unified standards and digital pipelines, smart pipelines feature comprehensive unified data, visualized perception and interaction, system convergence and interconnection, precise supply matching, intelligent and efficient operations, and controllable prediction and warning.

By integrating data across the full life cycle of pipelines — through device + cloud + big data architecture — smart pipelines provide intelligent analysis and decision-making support, as well as implementing visualized, network-based, and intelligent management using information-based methods. In addition, the pipelines feature comprehensive perception and prediction, integrated management and control, and adaptive optimization. However, network infrastructure is the key to smart pipelines network construction.

Tapping into its communication network security expertise, Huawei provides secure, reliable, and stable network connections for the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system of the oil and gas pipeline network. The company also provides integrated, End to End (E2E) solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of long-distance oil and gas pipeline networks, from network planning, design, integration, and verification testing to construction, deployment, and Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

Huawei has extensive experience providing intelligent connection solutions for pipeline networks and the company prides itself on continuing to consolidate the foundation for smart pipeline network construction.

An overview diagram of Huawei's Pipeline Communication Network Solution for oil and gas fields

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    Oil and Gas All-Optical Network

    • The all-optical network solution builds an all-optical foundation for visualized, secure, and efficient smart oil and gas development, promoting the emergence of more innovative services.
    • Based on an OTN multi-service bearer platform, the solution implements unified access for multiple services, including video, SCADA, SDH, and Ethernet services.
    • Original hard pipe technology is used to physically isolate services and provide high-security and high-quality transmission channels.
    • One-hop optical fiber is connected to the data center, ensuring high stability and low latency.
  • case 2

    Oil and Gas Datacom Network

    • IPv6 and cloud-network linkage: Oil and gas enterprise services are cloudified in multiple places and multiple clouds. Clouds are deployed in group data centers, regional central data centers, and public clouds. IPv6+ enables rapid service provisioning and flexible scheduling.
    • NetEngine 8000 network slicing: Industrial Internet, IoT, operations, management, office, and video services are all carried in a unified way, with differentiated SLAs provided through network slicing.
    • NCE intelligent O&M: Intelligent O&M enables automatic O&M, making networks visualized, manageable, and controllable, eliminating many traditional O&M difficulties.

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