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The Industry's First Integrated Oil and Gas Field Network

An agile, efficient, secure, and reliable network is a prerequisite for intelligence in the oil and gas industry. To achieve this, Huawei integrates wired and wireless full-stack network technologies to deliver the industry's first integrated oil and gas field network. This integrated, multi-purpose network carries all production, video, office, and service data, with fully unified architecture, unified Operations and Maintenance (O&M), and integrated security.

An overview diagram of Huawei's Production Internet of Things (IoT) Solution for oil and gas fields



  • 01

    Wellsite Backhaul Network

    From PON and IP technology to 5G and microwave, Huawei applies diverse network technologies to match the exact needs of diverse oilfield production environments, from deserts and plains to mountainous regions and the seas.
  • 02

    Campus Network

    To address the many pain points of oil and gas stations — from multiple network layers and a poor user experience to difficult service deployment and complex management — this solution provides simplified network architecture and high-speed transmission, with high stability, reliability, and security.
  • 03

    Oilfield Bearer Network

    Protecting existing network investment, a simplified architecture and hyper-converged six-in-one platform ensures high fiber resource utilization and smooth system capacity evolution. The physical isolation of all services delivers high reliability and deterministic low latency, ensuring production security. Plus, the solution visualizes optical fiber links to simplify management, with automatic analysis of link faults and automatic fault locating in minutes.
  • 04

    Unified O&M

    Global, cross-domain, and cross-system O&M data collection is allied to rapid, multi-dimensional data analysis, opening intelligent O&M capabilities.

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