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Better Shopping Environments

A comfortable and safe shopping environment can improve customers’ experiences and promote the purchasing of products, further increasing store revenue and reducing operational costs.

Huawei's Intelligent In-Store Management can automatically set air-conditioning to the ambient temperature and humidity, as well as adjust lighting, brightness, and other factors, to provide customers with optimal shopping environments.

By monitoring and managing the energy consumption of larger electrical equipment within stores, the operational costs can be reduced. Additionally, store property can be protected effectively using intrusion detection, alarms, and linkage video capture.

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  • Improved In-Store Environment

    Intelligent control of a store’s temperature, humidity, brightness, and other factors, provide customers with optimal shopping environments.

  • Reduce Operational Costs

    Energy consumption of large electrical equipment, such as refrigerators, is monitored and displayed graphically. This helps stores implement unified management and reduce operational costs.

  • Reduce Store Losses

    Intruder detection, alarms, and linkage video capture, protect store property during non-business hours.