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Intelligent Marketing Increases Revenue

Who are your customers?

Businesses are constantly looking to undertake customer segmentation analysis to more accurately understand their customer’s shopping motivations and align their marketing campaigns accordingly. Huawei uses next-generation technologies to help businesses apply targeted marketing methods that increase revenue and brand awareness.

Huawei’s Customer Segment Analysis uses Wi-Fi, big data analytics, and manageable cloud platforms to accurately determine customer demographics — including their age, gender, interests, occupation and spending habits. Businesses then use this information to configure, schedule, and execute targeted marketing campaigns; accurately allocate their marketing resources; improve customer services and retain loyal customers; optimize their store layout; and identify potential gaps in the market — in turn gaining the advantage over their competitors and increasing their product awareness and revenue.

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  • Big Data-Developed Marketing Campaigns

    Businesses use Wi-Fi and big data analytics on a cloud managed platform to receive information about their customers’ demographics. Businesses can use this information to develop effective, targeted marketing campaigns — in turn raising revenue and brand awareness.

  • Personalized Services

    By analyzing customer demographics — such as age, gender, interests, occupation and spending habits — businesses are provided with the information they need to send personalized marketing materials, better drive customer engagement, and promote loyalty.

  • Cloud Platform Push Notifications

    Businesses use manageable cloud platforms to send push notifications to both in-store screens and consumer apps to enhance customer shopping experiences and influence potential buyers.

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