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Eliminating Manual Stock Taking Errors

As enterprises grow in size, so does their need to ensure accurate, efficient inventory processes and systems. Yet, enterprises often rely on manual stock taking processes, leading to storeroom disorganization and inevitable miscounts — disastrous to small- and large- enterprises alike. Luckily, using next-generation technologies, Huawei helps to ensure that stock taking is both efficient, and accurate.

Based on Huawei’s Wi-Fi and RFID Converged Network Service, Huawei’s Commodity Management uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to “tag” and “associate” products: unique RFID tags — wireless non-contact tags that use radio frequency waves to transfer data — are attached to products to track them. Well suited for use in warehouses, RFID technology doesn’t require line-of-sight to send transmissions, and can transmit data for more than 30 meters (depending on enterprise-specific needs).

After attaching products (or a batch of products) with the appropriate identification measures, it uses a commodity management server to produce graphical displays of your warehouse or stockroom. From there, management personnel can view the real-time location of products and track product movement — in turn accelerating the inventory process.

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