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Solution Overview

The Huawei intelligent data solution provides an enterprise-class platform for big data integration, storage, search, and analysis as well as AI. This platform allows enterprises to quickly process massive sets of data, and helps enterprises capture opportunities and discover risks by analyzing and mining data in a real-time or non-real-time manner.

Up to May 2019, the Huawei intelligent data solution has been trusted by more than 1500 customers from over 60 countries. Huawei has more than 500 business partners to provide solutions widely used in industries including finance, telecom, government, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation.


Solution Architecture

Huawei FusionInsight offers an enterprise-class distributed Big Data solution. Huawei FusionInsight supports a wide range of functions including offline analytics, interactive queries, full-text searches, and real-time stream processing. It provides reliable, secure, and easy-to-use cluster management. It also supports the following O&M functions for large-scale clusters: installation, deployment, monitoring, alarming, user management, permission management, auditing, service management, health check, demarcation, upgrading, and patching.

  • HDFS

    Provides data access with high throughput; can process large-scale data sets.


    As the resource management system of Hadoop 2.0, Yarn implements resource management and scheduling for applications.


    An in-memory distributed computing framework.


    Provides standard SQL engine and enables conventional applications to be smoothly migrated to the Big Data platform.


    A distributed computing engine supporting massive offline batch processing.


    A unified computing framework for batch and stream processing and stream processing. At its core is a stream processing engine that supports data distribution and parallel computing.


    A distributed, reliable, and fault-tolerant real-time stream data processing system. It provides SQL-like query languages (StreamCQL).


    An independent, enterprise-class application search server based on Apache Lucene.


    A distributed, partitioned message release-subscription system with multiple copies.


    Exchanges data and files between FusionInsight, relational databases, and file systems.


    A column-oriented distributed storage system suitable for mass unstructured or semi-structured data that provides high availability, performance, and scalability. HBase supports real-time data read and write.


    A distributed mass log collection, aggregation, and transmission system that provides high availability and reliability.


    Huawei GaussDB integrates AI technology into the database kernel architecture and algorithms, providing users distributed databases with higher performance, higher availability, and more diverse computing power.

Key Features & Experience

FusionInsight HD for Multi-Tenant Management

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