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Harnessing the Power of Big Data in the Digital Era

Data is cast as the essential asset in this age of the digital economy. Accordingly, enterprises are shifting away from mere data management, toward data operations, with big data playing an increasingly important role. However, traditional all-in-one big data solutions are plagued by a series of problems, brought on by explosive data growth — from high storage costs and prolonged scheduling to data silos — now making the decoupling of compute and storage resources more crucial than ever before.

Huawei OceanStor Mass Data Storage innovatively implements native Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) semantics at the storage layer. Doing away with the need to install plug-ins, reconstruct applications, or migrate data, the solution smoothly decouples storage and compute for big data, providing enterprises with superior storage, flexible data mobility, and simple management through storage-compute synergy.

Powered by Huawei OceanStor Mass Data Storage, the Decoupled Storage-Compute Big Data Solution has already been widely used in the finance, government, Internet, and telecom sectors. Indeed, in 2020, the solution won the Excellent Solution Award and the Best Data Infrastructure Solution Award from the China Association of Communication Enterprises, highlighting how OceanStor Mass Data Storage is leading industry innovation and accelerating digital transformation across industries.

Application Scenarios

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    Enterprise Operation Analytics

    Elastic EC replaces multi-copy for higher storage utilization at lower TCO.

    Multi-protocol convergence for higher data analytics efficiency and faster computing.

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    Policing Cloud Big Data

    Storage-compute decoupling, with global resource sharing, eliminates data silos and builds a converged, unified big data platform.

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    Financial Precision Marketing

    Elastic scaling of storage and compute resources enables faster application rollout with support for rapid, user-centric innovations in the age of Bank 4.0.

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    e-Government Big Data

    Storage-compute decoupling and automatic lifecycle management break down storage barriers and accelerate data mobility, building an e-government big data support platform for better governance, standards of living, and economic performance.

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