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NetCol5000-C In-Row Chilled Water Smart Cooling Products

The NetCol5000-C series smart cooling products meet the requirements of medium, large, and high-power-density data centers.

Typically deployed between racks, NetCol5000-C products feature dual power supplies, increasing power reliability through automatic switching between the two grids. In addition, dual water pumps increase drainage reliability through redundancy, while independent switches for fans offer maintenance without service interruption.

Huawei’s in-row smart cooling products enjoyed the largest share of the Chinese market since 2017, and have been deployed across the world in telecom, government, finance, transportation, energy, medical, and education sectors.



Unit Model NetCol5000-C030H NetCol5000-C032H NetCol5000-C065H
Air Flow Horizontal
Total Cooling Capacity1 30.0 kW   32.0 kW 65.0 kW
Sensible Cooling Capacity 30.0 kW  32.0 kW 65.0 kW
Air Volume 5,000 m3/h 5,000 m3/h 10,000 m3/h
Power Supply Voltage 220-240/1/50(60) V/Ph/Hz 220-240/1/50(60) V/Ph/Hz 220-240/1/50(60) V/Ph/Hz
Water Flow Rate 1.5 l/s 1.6 l/s 3.2 l/s
Humidifier Capacity 1.5 kg/h 1.5 kg/h 3.0 kg/h
Dimension: W×D×H 300mm ×1200mm ×2000mm 300mm ×1200mm ×2200mm 600mm ×1200mm ×2000mm
Net Weight 230 kg (380~415Vac)
275 kg (208~220Vac)
230 kg 200 Kg
1. Cooling capacity condition: 37°C return air dry bulb temperature, 24% relative humidity, 10°C inlet water temperature, 15°C outlet water temperature.

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