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  • Data Center Management

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Huawei integroval elektronické a inteligentní digitální technologie k vytvoření řešení SmartLi UPS. Kombinace technologie Li-ion baterie Huawei s jedinečným modulárním designem, SmartLi UPS znovuobjevuje systém napájení pro datová centra nové generace.


Integrating cabinets, power supply and distribution, cooling, cabling, management, and other subsystems into one module, FusionModule2000 is suitable for data centers of all sizes.

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An outdoor, all-in-one data center solution that supports a maximum of six or eight IT cabinets, with up to 54 kW of total power, all while offering IP55 water and dust protection, magnitude 9 earthquake resistance, and delivery in one to three months.


The FusionCol8000-E series features indirect evaporative cooling technology to significantly extend free cooling time and reduce the overall power consumption of data centers.


The iManager NetEco6000 assists with decision making to increase revenue, improve O&M efficiency, optimize operational experience, and reduce OPEX. It manages medium, hyperscale, and distributed data centers collectively to ensure SOP compliance.

Why Huawei’s Data Center Facility?

  • Low Latency, No Loss
    Quicker ROI

    Huawei digitalizes data center infrastructure to deliver agile, reliable, energy-efficient, and smart products and solutions that accelerate the Return On Investment (ROI) for your business.

  • Plug-and-Play
    Products Tailored for Any Business

    With an extensive range of products designed to create energy-efficient infrastructure, including Uninterruptible Powers Supplies (UPSs), precision air conditioners, and a powerful management system, Huawei can meet your business needs from branch to HQ data centers, in indoor or outdoor settings.

  • Open Cooperation
    Proven Global Success

    Huawei is a market leader with more than 830 data centers deployed worldwide, covering sectors from telecom and ISP to government, finance, transportation, and everything in between. With Huawei, your data center infrastructure is in safe hands.

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