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Select the Best DC Switch for Your Business

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CloudEngine 16800

The CloudEngine 16800 is a data center switch built for the AI era. It uses the unique iLossless algorithm to learn and train network-wide traffic in real time, achieving zero packet loss and E2E μs latency and achieving the maximum throughput.


High-density 100G Ethernet switches that offer high-performance and low latency for data center networks. Combined with other CloudEngine series switches, they help build an elastic, virtualized, high-quality fabric for cloud-computing data centers.

CloudEngine 1800V
Distributed virtual switches designed for virtualized environments in cloud data centers, providing optimal forwarding performance, open architecture, and enhanced security protection.

Why Huawei Switches?

  • Open
    High Scalability and Flexibility

    Huawei provides the industry’s most-diversified product portfolios that support flexible networking ranging from 500 to over 50,000 servers. Real-time analysis of collected data enables quick and continuous service innovation and intelligent O&M. 

  • Navigation
    Superb Automation and Agility

    The Agile Controller automates operations with overlay and underlay networks, and integrates third-party DevOps tools through standard open APIs.

  • Smooth Evolution
    Open Architecture-Based Smooth Evolution

    The unified open architecture supports seamless evolution from the traditional data center network to the SDN and multi-cloud era.

Find the Right DC Switch Solution

  • 0101

    Řešení sítí datových center

    Řešení Huawei CloudFabric pracuje s Agile Controller společnosti Huawei, aby zákazníkovi poskytla sítě datových center nové generace, které využívají technologii SDN pro implementaci rychlých a flexibilních designů řešení, automatizované nasazení sítě a inteligentní síťové O&M.

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