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Huawei UPS is Chosen as Core Power Solution by China Mobile


[Shenzhen, China, March 6, 2018] China Mobile has chosen Huawei UPS as its power solution partner. Huawei has been ranked No.1 in China Mobile's list of core UPS suppliers for five consecutive years. Huawei’s UPS now stands as the first choice for China’s mainstream telecom carriers.

China Mobile, which has the largest subscriber base in China, has aggressively invested in developing cloud services, Internet of Things (IoT) and other cloud-based businesses. The company also has a significant investment in data center facilities. China Mobile's centralized procurement over the past four years has phased out transformer-based UPS and fully replaced it with transformerless UPS. High-frequency modular UPS accounts for the largest share of the company's current core UPS. Over the past three years, use of modular UPS grew at an annual rate of 260% at China Mobile. The move to modular UPS was to take advantage of its high availability, easy maintenance and high scalability.

Huawei's UPS follows stringent quality requirements. It has passed more than 1400 standard tests and 21 specific reliability tests to guarantee its quality. With its intensive R&D expertise, Huawei integrates digital technology into power and electronic products, which improves product scalability and availability. In addition, Huawei's high-frequency modular UPS takes on-line double conversion and modular redundancy design. Its power, monitoring, bypass and control modules are hot-swappable and easy to install, expand and maintain. Huawei's UPS provides early-alarm on critical components to prevent fault spread and stabilize the power supply.

Li Junpeng, President of Marketing Operations at Huawei Network Energy, said: "Fast digital transformation at China Mobile poses a challenge for data-center facilities. A reliable power supply solution is critical for zero service interruption. Huawei's modular UPS smartens up facilities with digitization and networking technologies. It can provide better support for the future development of China Mobile’s business."

Huawei's modular UPS witnesses remarkable achievements in recent years. Thanks to steady investment in R&D, Huawei's market share has maintained rapid growth worldwide. Huawei power solutions have been applied to a wide range of industries, including ISP, government, transportation and finance. Meanwhile, Huawei solutions have won wide recognition from customers in Europe and the South Pacific region and has become of top choice for customers there. Huawei's smart power solutions guarantee customers' power stability in all rounds.