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The Cloud-Ready Campus Network

Authors: Marcelo Lecocq, Bruno Teyton
September 2021 | Sponsored by Huawei

Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter is credited with authoring one of the most important corporate strategy theories of modern times: Porter’s Five Forces Framework.
The model, which became well-known in the 1980s, says organizations should adopt one of three strategies: cost leadership, differentiation, or focus/niche.
It is hard to believe that in today’s world organizations must make such a choice.
Is it possible for an organization to both implement a differentiated strategy and reduce cost?
Can technology help with this dilemma? Can IT network leaders benefit from exceptional experience at lower cost?
IT network leaders are under pressure to deliver enhanced user experience (the differentiated strategy) while increasing operational efficiency (cost leadership). This is especially true for leaders of campus networks (Figure 1).


Priorities in the Nordics and Poland
Q. What are your organization’s top 3 priorities in 2021?

Source: Future of Enterprise Resilience Survey Europe, 2021, Wave 3: April 5–16; Nordics + Poland; n = 130

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