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Secure and Resilient

The world is entering the intelligent era, and network connectivity has become a necessity for people to work and live. The network environment is insecure and faces common attacks. With the development of cloud technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), network borders are disappearing, which significantly increases network risks. All enterprises face the threat of huge losses caused by network security problems.

Security is an integral part of Huawei’s digital platform. It provides resilient end-to-end network security capabilities that ensure the security of customer data and applications. Allowing the digital platform to provide and maintain acceptable service levels in the face of various faults and threats, ensuring service continuity, reducing risks, and safeguarding enterprises’ digital transformation.

Huawei’s products and solutions have been widely used by 211 leading Fortune 500 enterprises, helping them achieve digital transformation without major cyber security issues or faults.

Security Architecture