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    Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

    All-Round Reliability, all-Scenario Coverage, full Intelligent O&M


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Why Choose HCI

The rapid development of the digital economy has caused many enterprises to focus on developing innovative and agile services. As services mature, they increase in volume, making it difficult to implement all elements of the IT infrastructure at the same time. As a result, innovative enterprises require lightweight, agile, and flexible IT infrastructure.

Enterprises are generating growing amounts of data across different branches, which often have complex environments, are located in different geographical areas, and manifest unique industry attributes. Therefore, data centers deployed in enterprise branches must be able to adapt to diverse environments and be easy to manage.

The global goal of achieving carbon neutrality is causing enterprise IT infrastructure to become greener and intensive. Enterprises are increasingly looking to deploy HCI in their data centers thanks to its agile, elastic and efficient resources, and simplified management.


Designed for data centers, Huawei HCI products converge compute, storage, and network resources; implement on-demand loading of management, backup, and disaster recovery functions through software definition; and can pre-integrate for integrated delivery. It uses intelligent management software and intelligent algorithms that suit various industries to cover all scenarios from data centers to enterprise branches. It features flexible architecture, powerful performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Intelligence on Demand

Scalable Architecture

• Composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI): supports independent capacity expansion of compute and storage resources, eliminating the need for planning and enabling on-demand linear expansion.
• Intelligent QoS: pooling of storage and computing power resources, and on-demand elastic resource allocation
• x86/Kunpeng dual ecosystems
• Multi-cloud collaboration: seamless cloud interconnection

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Powerful Performance

• SmartDPU helps release CPU computing power, resulting in a 20% increase in computing power density and 120,000 IOPS per node.
• High-ratio (max. 22+2) EC, up to 91% available capacity ratio 
• Industry-leading high-speed (15-minute) reconstruction

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Solid Reliability

• Cross-cluster active-active (A-A) architectures and synchronous replication
• Full-stack A-A capabilities including virtualization A-A
• Lightweight security container solution
• Intelligent health check and fault prediction

Highly Reliable Transmission

Efficient Simplicity

• All-in-one, highly integrated 5U miniaturized dedicated hardware
• Deduplication & compression + data reduction, lowering the threshold for all-flash storage
• Full-stack one-stop management of 20,000+ sites, one-click O&M, requiring no on-site dedicated IT staff


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FusionCube 1000 Cabinet

Huawei FusionCube 1000 Cabinet is a one stop edge IT infrastructure solution for ROBO and vertical industry scenarios that can be deployed in offices.

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FusionCube 1000 Hypervisor & Data

Data storage infrastructure — based on converged architecture that pre-integrates a distributed storage engine, virtualization software, and cloud management software — that is predominantly used in Hybrid workloads scenarios.


FusionCube Software

FusionCube Software provides hyper-converged software capabilities, including virtualization, storage, and management. Integrated with partner servers, it provides a full-stack Information Technology (IT) solution.

Case Studies