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What Is an OceanDisk Smart Disk Enclosure?

OceanDisk Smart Disk Enclosure is a standard storage component deployed in the diskless architecture of data centers (DCs). Designed as an upgrade from traditional disk enclosures, it comes with professional-grade storage software and hardware capabilities. OceanDisk replaces local disks on servers to adapt to and provide transparent access for upper-layer scale-out software. It is created exclusively for cloud and Internet DCs to substitute storage and compute integrated servers with a fast and highly reliable storage resource pool.

Business Challenges

Leading Business Capabilities

Resource Waste

Storage-compute proportional capacity expansion based on servers' local disks causes idle resources. Upgrading CPU computing power requires the migration of data, which can potentially result in data loss.

0049 intelligent traffic scheduling

Low Storage Efficiency

Three-copy backup is a typical reliability measure used when storing data, but pushes the limits of storage efficiency, cabinet space, and power consumption.

Difficult Management

With large-scale DCs comprising over 100,000 disks, health management is a huge task.

Automatic, Unified Interface

Complex Software Development

Diverse applications and requirements pose challenges in compatibility, performance, and resilience in software development.

Why Huawei OceanDisk?

Multi-layer Ecosystem

On-Demand Expansion

The decoupling of storage and compute realizes fast and on-demand expansion of storage and computing power.

Eco-friendly and Energy-saving

Green & Intensive Management

Data reduction and high-ratio EC reduce cabinet space and power consumption respectively by 40%.

High Reliability

Simple O&M

Disk subhealth management and slow-disk optimization deliver millisecond-level stable latency.