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Faster than ever

With an architecture built around NVMe, dedicated controller chips, and intelligent algorithms, the OceanStor Dorado V3 unleashes the full potential of flash. This lightning-fast storage brings the ultimate user experience to every application.

  • Up to

    0 million

    SPC-1 IOPS

  • Down to

    0 ms


  • Up to


    business performance

We make it faster at each step

  • Intelligent multi-protocol interface chip

    Intelligently parses front-end protocols including 32 Gbit/s Fiber Channel and 100 GE protocols with forward compatibility. This module improves storage performance by 20%.


    storage performance

  • NVMe architecture

    Enables direct communication between CPU and SSD to reduce latency by 45%.



  • SSD controller chip

    Implements the Flash Translation Layer (FTL) in silicon to accelerate data access in SSDs. This Huawei chip reduces read latency by 80 μs, 10% lower than the runner up.

    0 μs

  • BMC management chip

    Implements intelligent and comprehensive fault management. Fault location accuracy is up to 93%, shortening fault recovery times from 2 hours to 10 minutes.

FlashLinkAI algorithms

Implements a series of intelligent algorithms: large-block sequential write, independent metadata partitioning, I/O priority adjustment, and coordination between the storage controller and SSDs to optimize data layouts.


Always on. Worry free.

Because data integrity is the top priority, OceanStor Dorado V3 builds industry-leading reliability in every detail. Multi-level assurance mechanisms protect your data everywhere, even in the cloud.

  • %

    proven availability

  • 0/0

    business continuity

  • 0%

    data protection


Reduce OPEX. Smart. Simple.

Flash is affordable, with a TCO lower than that of HDDs. Using inline compression and deduplication, OceanStor Dorado V3 can reduce your OPEX as much as 75%. Smart flash: Using AI makes O&M much easier.

  • 0% space savings



  • 0% electricity savings



  • 0% cooling savings



  • 0% maintenance savings



Best choice for database and virtualization scenarios

  • Database

    The OceanStor Dorado V3 all-flash database solution provides outstanding performance to triple the efficiency of applications.

  • VDI

    The OceanStor Dorado V3 all-flash VDI solution supports rapid deployment of thousands of workspaces and ensures smooth user experience during peak hours.

  • Server Virtualization

    The OceanStor Dorado V3 all-flash server virtualization solution supports the rapid deployment of multiple business systems, and ensures predictable, stable performance regardless of the workload.


    The OceanStor Dorado V3 all-flash SAP HANA TDI solution allows SAP HANA databases to integrate more smoothly into existing data center architecture.

Flash Forward with Customers


BYD Auto

After replacing traditional mechanical disk storage with Huawei OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage, the applications in the ERP BW system is accelerated and the performance is more than doubled.


Koninklijke PTT Nederland

The OceanStor Dorado V3 supports KPN’s critical billing and CRM applications by providing 6,000 IOPS/TB storage services at 0.5 ms latency, meeting the highest performance requirements.


Belgium Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc

After deploying Huawei’s storage solution, employee access to IT systems was accelerated by 500% while TCO dropped by over 50%. The solution ensures that critical services remain up and running around the clock.


Groupe ACESI

With Huawei’s all-flash data acceleration solution, ACESI developed platinum-level storage leasing services to deliver high-quality cloud and VM leasing services for customers.

Huawei flash storage family

OceanStor Dorado series

All-level NVMe, industry’s highest performance and efficiency

OceanStor V5 series

Flash-optimized for mission-critical workloads with proven reliability

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